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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


The Twisted Path Of One Progressive Rocker

VPS: Gear Lust

For some reason, I will get fairly regular requests to know more about the instruments I play or recording equipment employed.

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Gear Lust.

AJC Harris and Gus The Little Black Dog long time ago, there was this kid who only wanted to work on fishing boats in Galway, IE but somehow wound up in America–getting most horribly corrupted by that devil rock and roll. My family had such high hopes for me.

So ‘back in the day’, I was all over the map as a musician. My first national gigs were with a certain really well-known Twin Cities punk band while filling in on a public radio show that starred some little-known guy named ‘Garrison’. I then began working with a variety of Motown® artists, lots of Gospel groups and then to NYC to do Broadway shows such as ‘Annie’ and ‘Grease’. Somewhere in there I even wrote commercial scores (Lorzban: The Proven Way To Increase Crop Yields!).

And then I tried to go straight, Ossifer. I really did. And fifteen loooong years passed outside of the biz.

But in 2000? Rebirth! Meaning this so-called solo career. Since then, I have had the good fortune to be able to (finally) do the kinds of music that I always wanted to do. So now, with my trusty sidekick Gus ever at the ready, I shuttle back and forth between Dublin, IE and Seattle, WA, making the stuff you are sampling here; staying at only the swankest of Ramada Inns.

In 2009 I started work on the opera Detroit which was completed in 2012. I now spend a good deal of my time working on concert music that combines the traditional orchestra with ‘rock’ instruments.

Thanks for stopping by.

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