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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


A compendium of musings on music and this business we call show

You Call This A Tour?

Vancouver. July 2, 2016. Just when I thought I was out? They pull me back in again. Again. Trains are healthier than planes. Is a one show tour really a tour? Solo arrangements.

Roger CortonYou’re going back on the road!

JCHLike you said last week. I keep getting pulled back…

RCJust like Al Pacino…

JCHLet’s not start that again. But yes, we’re doing a show. English majors will note the use of the singular article.

RCWe’ll get to that, but it’s great to see you getting back on the horse. Let’s get some details.

JCHIt’s a solo show at a private home. There are one hundred seats available so it will be intimate but still have enough bodies to make it feel like a real ‘show’, if you take my meaning. Now if readers have an account on this here site…

RCAnd everyone should.

JCH…they’ve already been notified. If not, they should contact me immediately as […]

Promiscuous? Or Just Plain Lazy?

Just when I thought I was out? They pull me back in. Is working on two projects at the same time cheating? Is re-using material in another project ethical? Pacino. Rossini. The Lone Ranger. A Clockwork Orange. Laziness. Michelangelo. David. Trailers?

Roger CortonSo after last week’s digression into finance, we agreed to get back to ‘music’. How’s the new record going?

JCHWell, I keep getting pulled back…

RCLike Al Pacino

JCHUh, yeah. Just like that. I keep getting pulled back and forth between the new record (Progress) and the new opera.

RCWhich we keep meaning to discuss.

JCHBut something keeps pulling us…

RCYeah, yeah, yeah. But let me get this straight. The new record is due this winter. The new opera isn’t supposed to be for a couple of years. Doesn’t this smell of the kid who in school with poor study habits? I’m imagining one of those Disney animals that are […]

Let’s Go Shopping

New shopping cart. Same old whining about being an artiste. Outrageous French Accents. Fulfillment costs. More on Versions and Lord Of The Rings.

Roger CortonSo you have a new shopping cart, I see.

JCHYes, if you’ve tried ordering in the past few days, you might’ve noticed some (cough) ‘technical difficulties’. I had to change the entire order processing system as I started ranting about in here.

RCWell, I’m glad it’s fixed, but it also looks a lot better. I found the whole ‘digital’ versus ‘cd’ versus ‘songs’ thing confusing. My question is, “Why wasn’t I asked to beta-test?” (laughs).

JCHIt’s hard to get dis-interested testers. People who don’t know what they’re doing. But I made a ton o’ changes.

RCSuch as?

JCHWell, the first thing is that I finally shifted to SSL.

RCIt’s a rocket ship?

JCHThe https thingy. Everything is now encrypted. Not to get all geeky, but every site that collects yer data […]

Prince Interviews On Tavis Smiley

More on Prince. Tavis Smiley interviews. Re-invention. Fan trust. Covers. What’s in a name? Lenny Bruce. Goyish or Jewish?

Roger CortonI read your post on Prince. You’ve talked many times of the difficulty in mixing yourself.

JCHIt’s awful. You tend to hear the music as you wish it sounded. You don’t hear it as it is. I’ve rarely talked with other musicians about it, but it’s as clear to me as a sky of azure that almost everyone suffers from this to one degree or another. Which is why it’s so dangerous to be a one-man-band. But he had that gift. Apart from all his other talents, that was the deal–seeing reality for what it is.

RCSo you’re downplaying his playing (sorry.) But you do the same things. You do it all.

JCHI’m gonna get punished for this, but from what I can hear he was an OK guitar player, drummer, whatever.

RCSeriously? ‘OK’?

JCHLook, I’m not Trump so don’t […]

Regarding Prince – The Mixer

I met Prince a couple of times in a recording studio (Sound 80?) when I lived in St. Paul. Or rather, I should say, I saw him, waved and he nodded in my general direction.

He and I are… er ‘were’ about the same age so it was notable to me that basically a kid was working behind the huge, spaceship-like recording desk. And the adults were actually paying attention to him; he wasn’t just playing around.

Other than that, I paid no attention to him because at the time he was still not the guy we would come to revere. He was just a kid R&B singer with a sexy poster but not much else to distinguish him. But I do remember this:

When I asked the head recording engineer why they were all watching, he said that Prince was the only guy they had seen who could mix himself. I had no idea what he was on about, but now I know.

Almost all musicians hear the sound we want to […]

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