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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


A compendium of musings on music and this business we call show

Cartoon Time Signatures Part III

Heading into the massive ‘Northeast Leg’ of Fall Tour 2014. Wedding. Listening like a real Balkan and more on Cartoon Time Signatures. [...]

Cartoon Time Signatures Part II

Three gigs in one weekend on Fall Tour 2014. New Orleans. Cartoon Time and odd time signatures that taste just as good as white bread. [...]

Cartoon Time Signatures Part I

A couple of gigs into Fall Tour 2014 Post gig response. We discuss Led Zeppelin and odd time signatures in lots of musics.

RCGood show?

JCHYou’d know better than me. :D You never know how people really feel, right? Everyone showed up.

RCEveryone I spoke with seemed knocked out by the bass solo. Although I must say I was surprised. You doing a cover? Using loops? Anyone who has read your rants would be quite shocked.

JCHWell, that’s not a ‘cover’ really. I have no objection to ‘loops’ as a seasoning. I just can’t stand a whole evening of that stuff. I think three minutes is a good limit.

RCCome to think of it, it was sort of an Jaco homage.

JCHI always said: the album I wanted to hear was “Robert Fripp joins Weather Report!” Or “Jaco joins King Crimson!” So there you have it.

RCCome to think of it, it was sort of an Jaco homage. There was one weird thing. People tried clapping along to the loop thing and it just didn’t work. There was something odd going on.

JCH(Laughs) That’s what I call Cartoon Time. You were showing me that transcription of Stairway To Heaven, right? I mean, it’s been 40 years and people still argue about that. So let’s talk about Led Zeppelin.

RCI thought you weren’t [...]

Palmolive Lockdown

Night before Fall Tour 2014 kicks off in Vancouver, BC. We discuss hand care, real Canada vs. Vancouver, performance spoilers and Tim Hortons.

RCBig weekend coming up in Vancouver. First show. Excited?

JCHYeah, I’m pretty excited. So I’m on Palmolive Lockdown.

RCPalmolive Lockdown?

JCH(Laughs) yeah, it’s where I start taking care of my hands–like Madge in those old TV commercials.

RCI don’t think anyone under fifty will get it.

JCHWell, maybe they watch Mad Men. Anyhoo. It means wearing gloves. Not digging in the garden. No fishing. Gardening Trying to remove paint to with my fingernails. That sort of thing.

RCSounds serious.

JCHIt is. It sounds so sissy and it’s really bitten me in the ass for decades. I used to sound different night after night because one night I would be playing with my fingernails and the next night I’d break a nail and changed my technique and then I’d bust something else and then play without nails it all and I would be like “don’t worry about it”. But…

RCBandleaders would get upset?

JCHLet’s just say that it’s completely reasonable to expect that people who work for you, who you’re paying good money putting up in nice hotels will be consistent. Unless you’re in a band where “creative expression” is where it’s at, you need to serve it up. I envy guys [...]

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