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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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What Do You Do All Day? (Self-Consciousness Part I)

Self-consciousness. You Can’t Take It With You. Frank Capra. Lawrence Of Arabia. Masturbation (again) vs. Composing.

Roger CortonWe’re once again in that in-between time.

JCHYou mean all those months and years when people wonder what the hell I actually (cough) ‘do’ all day?

RCWhat do you do all day?

JCHYa know that kills me. Because every woman I’ve ever been with who was not married to me wonders exactly the same thing. And I’ve decided that it’s one of those great big lies that people tell in order to get along with one another.

RCWhat great big lies? He said, not really wanting the answer.

JCHA couple come to mind. The first is, like I said, “What do you do all day?” People with ‘normal’ jobs simply don’t ‘get’ how much work this so-called career is. I’m not whining.

RCIt sounds like whining.

JCHIt’s not whining. I’m just saying that it’s one of those deals that […]

Film Scores 2011

Some people are just head and shoulders above the rest in terms of execution; the Michael Jordans. John Williams and Steven Spielberg are like that in movies. I’m not saying everything they do is ‘the best’ every year but, like His Airness what they do is of such a consistent quality that over time, they just dominate. They are the U of M ground game of movies.


And ‘War Horse’ is another example. It’s not the best work for either, but again, the execution is so damned good that you watch the implausibilities go by and feel your emotions being manipulated like a Swedish masseur and you give into it because, hey… it’s a fuckin’ Swedish Massage.

What makes Warhorse at the top this year is not that John can write in any style he wants and it’s gonna sound great. He may be the last guy who can really write a truly post-romantic score. (People forget that the guys who laid down the law in Hollywood’s Golden Age were largely […]


Just when I think there are no new ways left for me to injure myself, I’m currently recovering from my first ‘guitar shock’. I’ve had plenty o’ mic shocks before, but this is the first time I’ve gotten 110vac on the control plate of a Telecaster. I moved my pinky over to the knob to do a ‘pinky swell’ and POW! There goes a fingernail. Ruined the paint job on the guitar.

Worst of all, it didn’t even look cool. Just looked like a middle-aged man having some vague sort of mental breakdown—screaming for no apparent reason.

In case you were wondering… I lived. 😀

I was going to carry on about the end of ‘tradition’ in music when this story fell out of the sky like the sixteen tone weight in a Monty Python episode:

Upon hearing this wonderfully inspiring and uplifting story about a guy worthy of much praise, a guy who is making a real commitment to bring culture to the disadvantaged black youth of my inner […]

One Hit Wonder

I recently read an article in Rolling Stone (amazing they’re still in business) about the currently popular group ‘Foster The People’. And the leader, Marc Foster, said something like this:

I don’t want to be one of those one-hit wonders like James Taylor… you know… doing ‘Fire And Rain’ for the next 30 years. I want to do thirty more great songs like [insert number one song title I should know here]

In this Great Age of Narcissism (The Big G), I guess I shouldn’t be, but when I read this, I was quite gobsmacked. I think my amazement and umbrage is because for all the RS pretensions of ‘journalism’, the interviewer just let the guy get away with it; not challenging any of his deep pronouncements. But in the GAN, hyperbole like this goes as unnoticed as smog in the city. You don’t really see it until you get outta town.

I mean, this guy should be so lucky as to have a fraction of the career James Taylor has had. He’s […]

There’s An App For That

Time and again, I’m told to write something periodically to you, Dear Reader, in order that I may keep me at the forefront of your digital consciousness.

But lately? I……………….got nuthin’. Or rather, I got the beginnings of two dozen amazing bits of music-oriented prosody; but nothing complete.

Ironically, when there’s a ton of stuff going on, that’s when I have the least amount of time to write. And the corollary, of course, is when I’m most loquacious, is when musical activity is moving along a steep incline of torpor. At the risk of conjuring the spirit of Andy Rooney: I don’t know what bugs me more? All these famous people Tweeting a bunch of blather; or the 7,123,453 ‘Followers’ who ‘consume’ their 140 characters of bullshit many times each day. (Which begs the question: is bullshit best consumed in many bite-sized morsels every day, or as Sunday Dinner with all the trimmings one tends to get here.

But Even The Interweb Couldn’t Swallow It

I had one such heapin’ helpin’ of steamin’ […]

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