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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

Detroit : B.C.

Detroit ends in 1973 for a very good reason; that is the end of the ancient world of Detroit, commonly referred to as B.C.

Before Coleman.

I have tried hard to find another instance in American history where one man’s regime so fundamentally changed a city. Though it is not fair to say that Coleman Young was the cause of this tectonic shift, it is fair to say that his mayoralty was truly pivotal. Not just his presence, but the longevity of his presence demonstrated the rift in society that had been simmering beneath the surface for so long.

Coleman was corrupt in the utterly charming and ruthless way down-home leaders throughout history have ruled. His ostentatious lifestyle and knowing laugh was so appreciated by his constituents because the more he hammed it up, the more it irritated the white power structure of Wayne and Oakland counties. The greater the siege mentality he created, the greater his popularity. Any time white people complained, he raised the race card.

Any story that tells the story of Detroit B.C. is a white story. There are black people, and they are important players, but they are not the real story of the city in my view. Their story starts with Coleman. I know this view is not shared by many, especially all the wonderful and talented African Americans who do not want their contributions to the city’s history marginalized. And I agree.

In fact, I’ll go further and say that probably the only good things the average person now can conjure up about Detroit; music and art, was created by a black person.

Still, the jazz scene which became Motown came about because of the white system. In other words, I can’t think of a way that Berry Gordy happens without the pressures of the previous regime. I am no right-wing ‘survival of the fittest’ idiot. But the combination of prosperity, coupled with the opportunity of the untapped market was truly unique.

I like this picture of Mayor Young because it really captures his personality. It’s a classic, “You just don’t understand—let me explain it to you” gesture.

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