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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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jch celebrating in Dublin Different day. Same picture. This guy sure looks happy: Pouring champagne and celebrating a new house in Dublin. Fifteen years ago, I really thought I was going home--back to Ireland. But now, the place that I thought defined me recedes further and further into the distance.

How much of me is still defined by that place? If history is fluid, then so are our memories. And if we're constantly re-inventing memory, how much of what we say we are is actually just making it up as we go?

I'm constantly telling people that I live in America, but how I think is still this 12 year old kid on a fishing boat off the coast of Galway. How much of that is still true? Still? How about 'ever'?

My uncle tells me that he still feels twenty five. He knows how he looks to others, but inside he feels the same as 50 years ago. In other words, he still feels contemporary. Maybe we all do. Maybe that's why most of us still think we're hip even though our kids just roll their eyes.

This CD contains stories of people who, like me, make choices in order to find that stable place they always dreamed of. Some succeed. Most fail. But everyone is sure trying like crazy!

You would think that these things would get easier to make as the years go by, but for a variety of reasons, this one by far the most difficult to make. I used to say that I offered a guarantee of items "for your dining and dancing pleasure." But it seems that as my personal life gets happier and happier, creating this stuff becomes more and more like an episode of WWF Smackdown. In any case, mixing was done in Seattle during the Winter Of My Discontent: 2007. As per usual all the noise making was done by yours truly. Those who want some details on what gear is actually making the aforementioned sounds can find it by clicking on the Gear Page.

And also, as always, I welcome your comments and suggestions. Please do check back here often.

Thanks for stopping by.

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