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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


A compendium of musings on music and this business we call show

I Will Try You – Snippet The Boats

A snippet from the new opera, The Boats: I Will Try You. Dogs that won’t behave and hand clapping skills. The Smiths and How Soon Is Now. Emergency couples therapy, The Marriage Of Figaro and fishing boat captains. The inner voice revisited. La Boheme revisited. Bring on the soaring guitars.

Roger CortonPower chords.

I Will Try You

JC Harris

RCIt starts out with the hand clapping.

JCHSo it’s breakfast and Móirín and Ciarán are doing what lots of households do, having a fight whilst taking care of chores. In this case she’s calling in one of the dogs.

RCFrom the farm.

RCWell, it’s not really a farm. But yeah, the property where sheep graze. Sheep dogs. And the dog isn’t minding and it’s exasperating. So she’s clapping that pattern over and over. And that blends in with her telling off Ciarán. But his mind is off somewhere else. It’s just this background noise.


Set And Forget Learning

A Letter To The Editor, Tape-Op Magazine #122

A great end rant.

It dawned on me as I read your editorial that it’s probably no coincidence that the breakdown of this ‘system’ would occur just as Youtube makes available so much task based learning that I would have killed for back in the day.

I have several concerns about the prevalence of videos now on the web.

1. Call it sour grapes, but as a some-time music teacher, I regularly see how students see no reason to pay me for lessons. In fact, I often fall into this trap myself–deciding that I can do things myself that actually could be handled easier by paying a professional. For some reason, we can’t see the abstract value we bring to the table as ‘pros’.

2. Today there are precious few kids who even want to learn to play an instrument or learn to record properly. I don’t mean this to be snarky, but there is a general expectation that music production will be a one-button […]

Tsunami – Snippet The Boats

A snippet from the new opera, The Boats: Tsunami, The second wave, Verdi, La Traviata, Dying at 100 decibels, The inner voice in opera, Monty Python And The Holy Grail, I’m not dead yet, Brazil, A different kind of Botox.

Roger CortonAnd still. Another. New. Snippet.


JC HarrisRight you are, Rog! But wait. If you act now, you will receive. Not one! But two! Absolutely free…

RCJust pay a small shipping fee.


RCBack on planet earth, let’s talk about the piece. For a piece called ‘Tsunami’ this is fairly quiet stuff.

JCHYes. This is the first aria which directly follows the Overture. Our main character, Ciarán, sits on a bench on the cliff overlooking the town at sunrise. From there you can also see the ocean. He’s just having a think before the auction.

RCSo the tsunami is a metaphor.

JCHRight. It’s this ginormous, silent force that’s […]

Something (By the numbers) – Snippet The Boats

Another snippet from the new opera, The Boats: Something (By the numbers). Vincent Price. The Abominable Dr. Phibes. It’s Mendelssohn. Nothing like the Butthole Surfers. Jealousy. Philip Levine. What Is Work. Spanish Albacore Boats. Waiting in line.

Roger CortonAfter our last chat I didn’t expect to hear from you for quite some time. And so. Here we are.

JC HarrisI did. And so. Here we are.

RCTalking like. We’re in. A very bad. Horror movie.

JCHStarring Vincent Prrrrrrrrice. (evil laugh)

RCI was just thinking the same thing.

JCHI can never get enough of that shit. Not to digress…

RCWhat? You?

JCH…but ya know what really makes me jealous? Is not wealth or fame or some guy with a supermodel or any of that cliché shit. It’s like when I’m on Facebook and I see some guy my age with a selfie of he and his wife outside of a movie house showing like The Theatre Of […]

Transition #3 (Lullaby) – Snippet The Boats

Another snippet from the new opera, The Boats: Transition #3: Lullaby. Happy New Year. Philip Glass. Tchaikovsky. I can breathe again. Moving Scenery. It’s not OK to be cranky?

Roger CortonHappy New Year!

JC HarrisBack at ya. What did you think of the latest Snippet?

Transition #3: Lullaby (Snippet)

RCWell, in all honesty…

JCHNo. Lie to me! I never get tired of that joke. Even during the holidays.

RCI bet you don’t. In all honesty, I thought this was your attempt at doing a Christmas card soundtrack (laughs).

JCH(laughs) I know exactly what you mean. But it’s too off-kilter for that.

RCI was going to mention that. What time signature is this?

JCHPlan ol’ four on the floor, good buddy.


JCHSure. It’s just that your ear so desperately wants it to be a waltz, it does something to the brain. When the rhythm section kicks in, there are two […]

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