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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


A compendium of musings on music and this business we call show

Beautiful Sounds, For Dancers Only

Beautiful Sounds to be choreographed. Just don’t call it ballet. Tarkus vs. Spiny Norman. Gates Of Delirium or just another day with the Fam. Autobiography vs. Art School Slippermen. Coronavirus is not World War Z. When will the shit really hit the fan? Jimmie Luncerford: For Dancers Only

Roger CortonSo what’s this? you’re doing a ballet from Beautiful Sounds?

Beautiful Sounds V2020

JCHDance music.

RCThe fans always said it was repetitious. (laughs)

JCHOuch. Yeah, I remember it well. That was the beginning of the “Where’s the shredding?” whining. (laughs)

RCWell, you have to admit that it was a change of direction. So what’s this about a ‘ballet’?

JCHQuit being annoying.

RCAre we talking tutus? Or is this more Billy Ray line dancing? (laughs)

JCHMan, that’s a whole lot o’ mullet, buddy. So I get an email […]

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Earplugs

A new Angry Love Song! So Much To Justify. The Mood Ring returns. Rainbow Randolph. Creativity comes in all sizes. Not repeating yourself. Snatch. You’ll have to speak louder than that. Ear plugs. New ‘Rawk’. Reference mixes for the deaf. Velvet Revolver. Slither. Outrageous French accents. Terry Jones and the Mouse Organ (RIP). Hearing loss: it can even strike classical players! Blame those really loud brass players. And Wagner.

RCWow. More new music.

So Much To Justify

JCHYep. Whaddaya think?

RCWell, if I use the all knowing Mood Ring, it’s a classic ‘Angry Love Song’.

JCHTouché Actually, I was thinking just that when I was working on it. And then it hit me? I DON’T CARE ANYMORE! Which is a big step for me. (laughs)

RCBig step? How so?

JCHWell, in the past, believe it or not I’ve always tried really, really, really, really, really, really…


JCHReally. […]

Do I Look Like A Guy With A Plan?

Weeeeeeee’re BACK! Just in time for the holidays. New music is in the works! Politics. Die Hard and other McTiernan movies for the holidays. Eno. Embracing the chaos. I drink your milkshake. Joker.

RCIt really has been a long time.

JCHIt sure has. How ya been, old friend.

RCGetting older. Things are great. How about -you-?

JCHIt’s been banana pants here.


JCHPolitically. You know I ran for office, right?

RCI did know that. And the word on the street…

JCHWhich always reminds me of, like, Baretta or some other seventies cop show…

RCOf course. The word on the street, Huggy

JCHNice. Wrong show…

RC…Is that you won.

JCHI did win, Starsky. By a hundred and twenty votes.


JCHI feel a real mandate. NOT. (laughs)

RCWell, I could talk about politics and men’s fashions all day, but work must intrude.

JCHOh man, it would […]

The Most Artificially Intelligent Music On This Here Planet

THE WEBSTORE IS FIXED! Streaming AI. Artificial Intelligence. Spotify. Dinnsdale Redux. Do you chase creativity or does the creativity chase you? 1984. A new kind of Muzak. Diet Coke is the real thing. 75k. The Doors made me do it. Film Noir. They Drive By Night

RCLong time.

JCHNo see.

RCWhat’s new?

JCHWell, I’ve been taking a break from music.

RCI believe you called it a ‘palette cleanser’.

JCHRight. You gotta get away from music. And then the creativity just starts chasing you around.

RCLike a wild animal.


RCNobody gets that reference. I thought you the artiste chased creativity. Not the other way around.

JCHNo. Nobody gets the references. As we’ve discussed, I had no idea that my references would become just as square as any other sixty year old geezer’s. But regarding ‘creativity’. It really does chase me. It wakes me at night. It bugs me when I’m trying to […]

Out, Damned Pop!

No more pop. Freeeeesh Air. Pop Music Critics Traumatized by Ian Anderson. Gucci Gang. Lady MacBeth. Detox. Gino Vanelli. Classic Rock Detox. Halibut.

RCSo the new opera is out, last time you got your ranting done about Green Book. So our work is about done, right? (laughs)

JCHI was just thinking the same thing. It’s time to get back to the PROGRESSIVE ROCK.

RCNo shit?

JCHNo shit. I’ve told you. It’s been building for a while. Like year. I’ve mentioned it a bunch of time.

RCYeah, but it was usually just came off as procrastination (laughs). It didn’t really sound like you were working on new material so I didn’t take it too seriously.

JCHYou were very correct. I wasn’t disciplined enough to write down my ideas in a serious way. I’d get angry with myself for not focusing so I’d intentionally only write stuff down in a half-assed way.

RCYou’d self-sabotage the prog? (laughs)


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