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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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As Karnak The Magnificent might say, "On this one page is everything you could ever want to know about...!" But "You are wrong!..." Actually, it's around ninety percent of the queries I get. So don't re-invent the wheel! Just ask the little black dog™

Why Did Detroit Take So Long?

Three years. Hell, it probably took longer than that. Strangely enough, I started thinking ‘Wow, I’m really going fast!’ The bottom line is that: 1) I didn’t have much else to do. I was sick. I was broke. 2) I […]

Why The Unusual Voice In Overture To Act I?

You mean on Songs From Detroit.

The words ‘When Donny was in his prime…’ was the very first germ of the idea. Everything sprang from that. The singer is Eddie Powell, a black man from rural South Carolina. I actually […]

The Strat

My 1976 Stratocaster has a fairly storied past. It was purchased from a heroin addict outside a music store in Detroit in 1979 for the princely sum of $75 dollars. This thing’s […]

The Origin Of The Mood Ring

There’s a pretty good book title in there, right?

In the immortal words of Woody Allen, this is a joke; that’s not a joke; but it is a joke. I have been told over and over and […]

No Comment

You’ll notice few if any comments on this site. Occasionally, it’s because, well… nobody comments! But usually it’s because I don’t ‘approve’ them. And the reason is simple: as a rule, I don’t like how they usually work out.

Don’t get […]

Why SoundScan® Matters

SoundScan® is the organization used by the recording industry to monitor sales of all records. It now exists under the umbrella of the ratings company Nielsen Every time you purchase one of my albums, either on-line, or in […]

Where The Heck Are You?

We regularly receive questions about why we tour where we tour, and why not here? Whether it is Detroit or Dublin, the answer is pretty much the same:

Any confirmed touring plans will always be posted to this website and via […]

And What About The Little Wheelie Logo?

Hey dude, I’m trying to preserve the legacy of the brand here. As if.

The little ‘suntower’ logo was created twenty something years ago during another life I had as a software guy. It was supposed to represent “Tir Na Gréine” […]

So What’s The Deal With ‘The Little Black Dog’?

Cue the tiny little violins. Years ago, I was out of town and my then-wife decided to get a cutey-wooty little $1,000 black fluffball of puppy love. This creature turned into the most […]

How Come You Don’t Hang Out On Social Media Like All The Hip, With It Musicians?

Perhaps the answer lies inside the question!

Actually, I do have Twitter, Facebook and MySpace pages. Somewhere. Just search for ‘JCHMusic’.

The reason I never paid it much mind is because there are all these ideas about building a following on social […]

Your Background Seems To Be In R&B And Jazz. So Why All The ’Astral/Prog‘ Crap?

That’s an excellent question.

And the short answer is: When you’re young, you go where the money is. And the slightly longer answer is: Hey I love all the music I’ve ever gotten to play professionally. But we all have to […]

So How Do All The Links From Various Internet Radio Stations Work?

When you click on Live365 or Pandora (please do!) you’re really clicking on good old fashioned radio…

Sites like these have two models: they either come with advertising (visual with sites like Pandora, or in terms of traditional commercials […]

Can I Get Your Records In Local Record Stores?

Sure you can. If they aren’t in stock (and they often won’t be unless I happen to be passing through town), just give your friendly independent record store proprietor the title and UPC bar code and he or she can […]

The Music Player Doesn’t Work!

Well we can’t have that!

But easy now. There could be many causes ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. First of all, you do have speakers, right? You can hear other sounds emanating from your PC, right? Right? 😀

Is […]

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