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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet



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  • MississippiDownload


    I went down to Tremont, Mississippi.
    Shiny shades in a beat up car.
    My intent was to learn two chords and
    Hang myself on a steel guitar.

    I sat next to a Voice of The Ages
    He played tones that caressed the stars.
    He told me, ‘Boy ,you can’t play the blues.
    ‘Your pain just won’ fit inside twelve bars.’

    Tell me can you hear the emotion?
    Singing out from so far below.
    Tell me is it just the illusion?
    I believe there may be just holes.

    Tell me can you see old magnolia,
    Sweeping out past the new paved roads?
    Tell me can you feel my emotion?
    I believe they  may be only ghosts.

    I left town on the train called Mystery.
    I had more than my fill of soul
    I think my heart beats in the winds.
    I can’t hear that Rock but I still roll.

    Seattle 2005

    A certain white, Jewish guy does a bit of comparison/contrast in the Delta.
  • One HeartDownload

    One Heart?

    Shut the door.
    Turn the lock.
    Look at the mirror as you set your clock.
    And as you make your way to bed
    Think about your life.

    Once you were young.
    You thought you’d take that punishment
    Your whole life long.
    But in your room every night you sit alone and cry.

    One heart.
    One focus within your life.
    One life.
    Let all the bonds of insanity
    Just pass you by.

    One love.
    One dream.
    One hope like you’ve never seen.
    With all the faults that you can name
    You’ll still be fine.

    Hit the stop.
    Hit the street.
    Collect your thoughts
    And then direct your feet.
    As you get shoved to and fro
    In the rush and the ballyhoo.

    Let’s turn back to the page
    How sad those feelings
    Standing in your way.
    Why does it always seem to be so…

    p> CHORUS

    Detroit 2012

    For a friend. We reach a certain age and realize we aren't quite as tough-or as patient as we thought. But amazingly, things still work out.
  • TimeDownload


    There was a time I may have
    hurt you
    And if you asked and wondered why
    But if I told you all the reasons
    You would cry.
    And though you thought that I’d desert you
    And I would surely let you down.
    But if you ever see the other side
    I’ll be around.

    Now there are two sides to every story
    And everyone gets out of jail.
    And every box can hold just so many nails.
    And everything that happens
    To every single crime
    Can all things be forgiven,
    Given time?

    Seattle 2004

    A song about forgiveness. In my experience most people really do not do this as well as we would hope. So many of us feel treated so unfairly that we never get past it. Not really.
  • TwisterDownload


    Most of my life has been a twister.
    A riddle of life spinning round and round.
    While everyone else just seems to miss her.
    I’m swept to and fro with a force that just wears me down.

    Seattle 2001

    A blues with a twist (no pun intended).
  • I Won't Be Sleeping HereDownload

    I Won't Be Sleeping Here?

    Let me bend your ear a while.
    We’ll cry a little bit.
    Because I won’t be sleeping here.

    You can rest assured that I have
    Been dependable in bed.
    But I won’t be sleeping here.

    Over and over and over again
    I asked you, my friend,
    To stay with me and help me for a while.

    Over and over and over again
    You said to me instead,
    ‘Be patient and endure things with a smile.’
    And I tried.

    Let me pack a bag
    Of articles once gold.
    That all now seem so cold…

    Seattle 2004

    The epiphany that it's over, comes suddenly. And when it comes, it's surprising that we didn't realise it sooner.
  • RockingDownload



    Now I’ve been thinking that we
    all should be
    Better than we are
    Attempting more but performing less
    And we never get too far.

    We work so hard
    We push ourselves
    But we don’t get anywhere.
    The more you think about life
    You can see it isn’t fair.

    We’ve gotta get this party rocking.
    Yeah, we’ve gotta get this party rocking.
    Man, we’ve gotta get this party rocking.
    That’s all I have to say.

    Take a hold of my hand
    Let’s pull you on up.
    Remember we’re all drink from the very same cup.
    If you pass,
    Behold yourself alone!

    Get up!
    Get over the fears.
    There’s more tunes left
    And the rhythm’s so clear.

    Get up!
    It’s all up to you.
    There’s more ways home than some yellow brick road.

    We’ve gotta get this party rocking.
    Yeah, we’ve gotta get this party rocking.
    Man, we’ve gotta get this party rocking.
    But there’s so much more to say.

    Hey there it goes.
    There’s your life.
    Passing you right by.
    And it’s rough,
    I know you think you’ve had enough,
    But you’ve got to keep trying.


    Detroit 2012

    Inspired by the famous quote by Calvin Coolidge...

    Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

    (Pretty rousing stuff for such a crap President. Big Grin)
  • SafeDownload


    Let me tell you little boy
    What a man can do.
    Something no one’s done before
    A promise to be true.
    You’ll learn to trust what people say
    And know that we love you.
    Because you’re mine
    All mine.
    Nothing’s ever going to hurt you
    You’re safe.

    Detroit 1996

    For Isaac.
  • EvelineDownload


    Stand by the windows.
    There are a lot of things,
    That I’d like to say.
    Although there isn’t time enough.

    Something gone wrong.

    Walk by the raceway.
    And so many stories
    That I like to tell.
    Although there isn’t time enough
    Something gone wrong.

    And though it seems, so far away.
    Something within me.
    That never wanted to go.

    But I still love you.
    But I still care.

    Quiet times
    The ships go by.

    And patiently,
    I’ve watched them.

    Ghosts in holds
    Dreams I’ll never see
    And memories all run dry.

    Dublin 2013

    The short story from Dubliners. Probably the saddest, most profound few pages I have ever read. Want to know why Joyce is a genius? It's just four pages away!
  • Open Your EyesDownload
    Part II
    Part III

    Open Your Eyes?


    Open your eyes it’s a new day
    And see what’s outside of your mind
    Over the world it is clear
    If you look straight ahead.

    Let’s go

    Open your eyes to the sun
    And feel in it’s warmth how it shines
    We think that we see all there is here
    But there is so much that you don’t

    Don’t know
    Can’t know

    Open your eyes to a new way
    Of seeing as if you’d been blind
    More than the things that we
    think that we see in each day.

    Don’t know
    Can’t know

    I see clear now


    You can drown yourself.
    You can think you’ll end your life.
    You can feel you’ll kill your love.
    But you’ll never win that fight.

    For there is more things here than you claim.
    There is more to see with your pretty blue eyes.
    There are more things still to say.
    Than you’ve ever realized.

    You can fool yourself.
    You can think you’ll change to night.
    You can sleep each day.
    But you won’t avoid the light.

    For there is more things here than you claim.
    There is more still to take from the pretty black bag.
    There is so much more to say.
    But you never seem to ask.

    When I grow up,
    I tell you now,
    Gonna shake this dust off my shoes.
    I’ll live my life. Do what I want.

    Because I was raised in a typical way
    In this typical town
    Every typical day.
    Mommy when we will ever get what’s new?
    She said ‘Soon. And for the rest of your life.’

    Now I’m grown up. I tell you, man.
    You wish you could walk in my shoes.
    I live my life. Do what I want. Soon.

    When I wake up
    It’s a miracle play.
    In this miracle town
    Every miracle day.
    You don’t see me living up.
    But when I do! (Soon)
    And for the rest of my life…

    Now I end up in a typical way.
    In this typical town.
    Every typical damned day
    That I thought I’d never live to see back here.
    Now I go down to the mission today.
    Think of something to say.
    As I kneal down and pray for
    This whole story to be over (like I always do).
    And for the rest of my life.


    We go tearing up this town.
    The sun, the sky, the sea, the flowing wind.

    We can turn this upside down.
    The roar, the pomp, the flash
    Of fallen Kings

    Surely with all this gold you own;
    You are the man to know!

    Surely like fire, but all too cold.
    We are held by desire!

    We came roaring out this town
    The pomp, the flash, the air
    Of fallen Kings

    We came with a roaring sound
    To span the earth with all the force of kings!
    We thought we’d tear up this town
    But all that’s left after all
    Was flowing wind.

    All the times I tried to tell you all.
    I was so all alone.
    Every night when I look inside myself
    I was so far from home.

    We came tearing up this town.
    But the wind won’t stop
    And the flames reach up.
    And the fight goes on below.

    Open your eyes it’s a new day!
    And see all what was ever designed.
    We think that we’ve see all there is here,
    But there is so much that we don’t.

    We mortgage our lives on a lie
    And all of it shrouded in pain.
    But there is so much that will grow
    When the sun comes out from the rain!

    We came tearing up this town!
    And though we tried to belong
    But every time we were wrong.

    We are more than all this town!
    And there’s no time to be wrong
    For we’ve just got to be strong.

    (Open you eyes it’s a new day
    and see what was ever inside…)

    Seattle 2005

    Raise your hand if you ever woke up one day and saw things in a completely

Every man I ever met could have rightly been named 'Legion'. For we are many. Each character we keep—that we display as a single 'me', occupies his own space. The genius of the human spirit is that all these member nations co-exist as one functioning government.

And yet, we all judge everyone (everyone excepting ourselves of course) as if we are only one thing. As if we must only be one thing.

We're so surprised to learn that the man who went to church every day turned out to be a spy or the good wife and mother led that double life. We all lead double lives. Triple lives. Octuple lives. And we are far better off noticing that; accepting that, in others as well as in ourselves.

The Hindu scriptures say, 'No good man is all good. No bad man all bad.' Ain't that the truth. Look through all the compartments and then decide.

Some personal notes on Compartments...


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