The Music Of JC Harris

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


Completely re-mixed and mastered versions of the first four albums


In the past, it was pretty much unheard of to 'improve' a record after release. Every record I ever played on? When it was done? it was done. However, every artist, in their heart of hearts, realises thereare things they could have done to better serve their material. You deal with it by focusing on the next project.

Frankly, there are times that being an independent artist is 'less than premium'. But one thing you do have is a level of control that ain't easy to come by unless you're putting up the dough-re-mi. There's no point doing it myself unless I can offer something traditional record companies don't. And that's why it's worth every penny bringing better versions to you.

So... Stick it to the man. Fight the power. Get your re-mastered copy now.


With the aid of Grammy® Award winning mastering engineers Bob Katz and Ed Brooks, I've had the great opportunity to re-mix each piece and get the best ears in the business to provide the final polish. In many cases, the difference is startling: there is better balance (no pun intended) and clarity whether you're listening on earbuds or audiophile quality systems.

These guys know what they're doing.


This process also afforded me the chance to re-examine not just inner beauty, but also the whole presentation. The fact is that the standard CD Jewel case has it's drawbacks. First of all, plastic is not exactly environmentally friendly (yeah, I've gotten religion on this whole global warming deal). Secondly, it's pretty fragile. It takes a lot of packaging to make sure your CD arrives without one or two nice little cracks.

Each re-mastered CD is now packaged in a completely eco-friendly all cardboard 'wallet' that is more durable, easier to mail, and is, in my humble opinion a lot prettier (more like a good ol' vinyl record.)

Oh yeah, it's also 100% recyclable if, God forbid, you should get sick of the darned thing.


Who ever heard of an upgrade policy for great art? No one. But we're talking about my CDs not Stravinsky. So current owners of Positive, Superpower, Compartments and Balance will be able to get a new copies for a measly $5.00!

But wait, there's more! Note how I just said 'copies'? When you upgrade, you can order as many copies as you like for the same price. As they say on TV, 'They make fabulous gifts'. The only thing is, it's a one time deal. If you order an upgrade for a fast fiver, don't come cryin' to me three months from now expecting the same deal.


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