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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

Na Báid : An Opera

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It is 1992 and Ireland has just joined the European Union. As part of that agreement, many fisheries along the West Coast are shut down to protect stocks of fish species now under threat of imminent extinction. In many small communities, the government has established buyout programs for commercial fishing captains to sell their boats and leave the profession. Many of these families have been fishing these waters for hundreds of years. There are few other opportunities for these men, their families or their communities.

One captain named Ciarán awaits his turn at the auction block accompanied by his three sons. The father cannot stop thinking about what the loss of their boat means to the town and to an entire way of life. However each son can’t help but focus on what the event will mean for them. This is not the future they had spent their entire lives preparing for.

This is a story about an iconic way of life suddenly taken away. What is it that holds families together when the one thing that had defined them for so long is now gone?

Na Báid/The Boats is in one act with an approximate running time of seventy five minutes.

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