The Music Of JC Harris

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

Detroit : Orchestration

Detroit is specifically designed to be played by a modest complement; typical of community orchestras. For utmost economy, it is helpful if the winds can double on jazz band reeds as suggested below.

Strings are divided in two identical groups placed on opposite sides of the stage. Each group consisting of at least:
7 Vln I
5 Vln II
5 Vla
5 Celli
2 CB with C extensions

3 Trumpet (#1 doubles on Piccolo Trumpet, #3 Jazz soloist)
2 Horn
2 Trombone
1 Bass Trombone (doubles Tuba)

2 Flutes (doubling Tenor Sax, Piccolo and D Tin Whistle)
2 Clarinets (doubling Alto Saxes)
1 Bass Clarinet (doubles Baritone Sax)
2 Oboe
2 Bassoon

2 Percussionists:

  • Jazz Drum Kit
  • Vibraphone
  • Timpani
  • Gran Casa
  • Congas, Bongos, Shakers
  • Triangle
  • Chimes
  • Tenor and Baritone Hang Drums

Pianoforte (doubles on Synthesizer and Hammond B3)

Electric Guitar (doubles on Spanish and Flattop Guitar)

Electric Bass (doubles on second Electric Guitar)

16 Voice Gospel Choir


The following diagram demonstrates the suggested placement:


2nd Vln(a)
2nd Vln(b)
1st Vln(a)
1st Vln(b)

Performance Notes

  1. Although strings should be divided left and right as indicated, the suggested diagram is only that: a suggestion. The drum screens are not mandatory but have been found to be helpful. The main goal is to achieve separation and isolation between the ‘rock’ and ‘orchestral’ instruments.
  2. To that end, amplification should be minimal. The general rule is that each amplifier should be considered a ‘section’ and as such should never be louder than any other section. The bass amplifier should be placed at stage center. The two guitar amps should be placed stage left and right respectively. The synthesizer should have stereo amplifiers, also placed stage left and right.
  3. The Synthesizer programs are intentionally vague. No specific machine or patch is required, however sample sound files may be found here. For convenience, it is suggested that the player import these sample files into their Synthesizer.
  4. For Hammond B3, drawbar settings, Leslie speed changes and other settings are indicated. If necessary, it is acceptable to substitute a synthesizer. However care must be taken to match the specified sounds as closely as possible.
  5. If Hang Drums are unavailable Tenor and Baritone Steel Pan Drums may be substituted.

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