The Music Of JC Harris

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


An Out Of Body Experience

Sick days so not much real news. Things you never knew about your sinuses. Total Recall.

Roger CortonSo you were sick last week?

JCHI still get these congestion things.

RCI thought the surgery fixed all that years ago?

JCH(Raucous laughter)

RCAnd there’s nothing to be done?

JCHNot really. Now after I had the surgery I’d go to the ENT guy and he pulls out this monstrous snake and put like eight inches up yer snoot. It just doesn’t seem possible. And then literally four or five or even six ounces of green goop sucks out into this accordion glass collector you…


JCHNo, it’s great. It feels great. I tell ya, what I want is the home version of that Total Recall gizmo. You know, where he says “Push real hard!”

RCI know exactly what you’re talking about.

JCHNo, no, it’s so damned satisfying when you get that crap OUT. Everybody should do it just once to feel how great it is.

RCYou haven’t sold me.

JCHI’ve had a lot of time to think about this. And if you really think about it and without going into graphic detail…

RCThank you.

JCHIt’s my belief that stuff that comes out of your body is intrinsically much more satisfying than stuff that goes into your body.

RCSpoken like a guy.

JCHNot at all. How many women would trade the child that comes out of her for the guy who came into her. So to speak.

RCTouché I think we should pick things up when you’re feeling better.

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