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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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That Big Finish

Beethoven sure had it rough. Composing for that big finish. Will Progress ship on time? More on Yes. Structure. Julia Roberts. The rare Yellow Bellied Sapsucker. Close To The Edge. Creating on cue. What breaks up relationships. Fertility treatments. Self-pleasuring.

Roger CortonWe’re getting down to the wire if your plan is to get Progress done by Thanksgiving, right?

JCHIt’s gonna be tight.

RCTighter than a drum, Homer?

JCHTighter than a frog’s butt, Jethro. Haw, haw, haw.

RCThat’s pretty tight. So, I see no new snippet. What’s the deal? If you’re so close to finishing, why don’t we see some results, son?

JCHI’ve been obsessing over Beethoven the past couple of years.

RCOh no, not another lecture on Structure. Anything but that!

JCH(laughs). No, man. No music appreciation today. Maybe it started as minor delusions of grandeur or self-pity with the ‘sick artiste’

RCYou mean deafness?

JCHNo, man. I don’t […]

The Steve Howe Chattering O-Face

More on what’s wrong with the third snippet from the new album, Progress, called We Danced. Donald Trump? A tribute to Steve Howe. Chattering. The O-Face. Wah wahs. Yessongs. Stolen video.

Roger CortonAlready you’re not happy with We Danced.

JCHWell, it hit me what the problem is.

RCI hesitate to even ask.

JCHNo O-Face.

RCThe what?

JCHOh c’mon. You know exactly what I’m talking about.
RCI do know what you’re talking about. But in the wake of the current election, can’t we be a little more uplifting?

JCHUplifting? How’s this for uplifting? FUCK DONALD TRUMP. Ya know why? I could care less about the guy’s politics. But the net long-term effect of his campaign will be to single-handedly make the world even more insufferably ‘PC’ than it already is.


JCHI am. But seriously. You can’t joke about anything anymore without getting called some […]

We Danced (Third Progress Snippet)

The third snippet from the new album, Progress, called We Danced. Tapping. Hedley Lamarr. John Gotmann marriage counseling. Tom Morello vs Mark Knopfler guitars. Saw. Ferraris. A Clockwork Orange. Masters Of The Universe. Sammy Hagar. Straight head rock in Prog? Tales From Topographic Oceans.

Roger CortonNow this is more like it. Some actual GUITAR PICKIN’, son!

JCHIn the immortal words of Heddy L…

RCThat’s Hedley…

JCHShit. You beat me to the punchline. Well forget that joke. I finally figured out why you’re getting more of a sense of a humor. It’s to cut me off at the pass!

RCYou finally caught on.

JCHLike I tell ya, I’m not as sharp as I used to be!

RCWell let’s try to focus on the song for once and not your failings as a man.

JCHI’ll try, ma. What do you wanna know?

RCWell, first of all, as a guitarist I just have to […]

October, 2016
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