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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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I Dreamed Of You Tonight – Snippet The Boats

Another snippet from the new opera, The Boats called I Dreamed Of You Tonight. Rock Opera vs. Real Opera. Naked Lunch. Slippermen. Relationships. Inigo Montoya and The Princess Bride. Bohemian Rhapsody. The Elevator Pitch.

Roger CortonA new snippet. This is exceptionally beautiful. I’m starting to hear a theme in the all the snippets you’ve put up.

I Dreamed Of You Tonight (Snippet)

JCHOh, it’s all connected, that’s why it’s taking so damn long. It’s just so personal.

RCBecause it’s your family story?

JCHWell there are also lots of things going on in my ‘real’ life, right now, but yeah, it’s been tough teasing out the story. See the thing I keep trying to get across to fans is that these are ‘for reals opera’, not ‘rock opera’. Progressive Rock fans talk about ‘rock opera’ all the time and I find myself channeling Inigo Montoya

RCFrom ‘The Princess Bride’?

JCHYes. As he […]


It’s poll-takin’ time. Do we want vinyl versions of JCHMusic? And if so, which albums? Politicians. CD vs. Vinyl. Accurate vs. Pleasant. Hi-Fi vs. Happy-Fi.

Roger CortonYou’re interested in vinyl? YOU? You who has called vinyl, “vintage snake oil”

JCHAs the politicians say, “My position on this issue has evolved, slightly.”

RC(laughs) Well, you’ve got the attitude to be a fine politician. What changed your mind?

JCHYou mean why has my position evolved?

RCYou’re such a hypocrite.

JCHBe that as it may. The will of the people has been made known. And I must follow THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

RCYou are joking, right?

JCHWell, I am trying to move more product, dude (laughs). And for whatever reason, vinyl albums don’t seem to be a ‘fad’. They actually seem to sell with my demographic. And I embrace my demographic.

RCAs well you should. But they’re also big with all sorts of music fans.

JCHI […]

Video: Progress (Medley)

The official video for the eponymous cut from the new album Progress. This is a prox. nine minute medley which should give you a good idea of the three main sections.

February, 2017
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