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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Pay Attention, Frank. It’s The Commendatore!

Frank Zappa. Don Giovanni, Intentional listening.

Roger CortonWe got the most comments since I’ve been on board about your remark regarding Frank Zappa Guitar Player. You touched a nerve.

JCHYeah, I don’t have to work very hard to alienate people it seems. I got to fill in at Don Giovanni and it happened there too.

RCI didn’t know there were any parts for Telecaster in Mozart.

JCHThere’s not. But there is a mandolin bit at the beginning of Act II. A lot of operas have these oddball interludes. I actually only had about two minutes of work and that was the problem. They were not thrilled when I asked if I could split after my part was over. There’s this seemingly inviolable rule against moving once the music starts. If you don’t have anything to do? Tough. So asking was in itself a reason to not be considered for future work.

RCSo this is what gets me about you. You know this, […]

Post Tour Wrap-Up 2014

Recovering from the smash hit Fall Tour 2014. Frank Zappa. Prokofiev. James Brown. Whatever happened to radio? Real DJs and The Electrifying Mojo?

Roger CortonSo now that you’re back from Fall Tour 2014, how did it all go? I saw some cell phone video and you were really playing the piano. What was that?

JCH(laughing) People always seem so surprised. I don’t get it.

RCWell, you do some virtuosic stuff on record, but it’s always in these short bursts. It’s just different when…

JCH…when it’s more than fifteen seconds. (laughing) No I get it. I just read an old Frank Zappa column…

RCMay he rest in peace.

JCH…yeah I forgot you’re one of those acolytes. Anyhoo, in it Frank admits that he’s just not that great a player and…


JCHYeah, yeah, yeah. As I way saying, he basically talks about how he’s trying to tell a story with his solos and he’s got some notes […]

Cartoon Time Signatures Part III

Heading into the massive ‘Northeast Leg’ of Fall Tour 2014. Wedding. Listening like a real Balkan and more on Cartoon Time Signatures.

October, 2014
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