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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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…As opposed to ‘later’, which is how my last few records have been delivered.

But if you’ve stumbled on the site recently you can see, we’re getting close… er. Closer. Yeah, that’s the ticket. 😀 According to the site, the record will be shipping just in time for Independence Day. But you know what they say about believing everything you read. 😀

The question is going to be ‘how to push the first thousand of these little jewels out the door as fast as possible.’ Do I have ideas on promos? You bet I… don’t.

But I’m open to suggestions!

The first few hundred of these (these happy few) will be hand-signed

…For the simple reason that the manufacturer will be sending them to me un-shrink-wrapped. The first batch of every CD I’ve ever done has had at least some dodginess. So I insist on the first box being done this way (tip to aspiring marketers.) If I find a flaw (and I does loves […]

I Never Really Liked The Guitar

Said it before, say it again, I never really liked the guitar. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great when it’s played well. There is no instrument quite as compelling in so many genres. But you gotta have a certain agreement with it in order to really make it sing. And above all, you simply cannot fight it.

And by the way, I will immediately stipulate that some of the absolute best guitar music ever made has been made by people who do not have this agreement, who do fight like Ahab for every note. I’m one of them. But that’s different. There will always be something missing for those who don’t really surrender to the instrument. As with ‘The Great Whale Dick’ it may be a hell of a fight, but you will never win.

The big issue for me, aside from having elfin-sized hands (and I don’t mean Tolkien-elves, I mean the ones that make the cookies and live in small trees) is that the guitar doesn’t really sound ‘good’ in […]

May, 2014
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