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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Louis CK Takes It Long Form And Suffers (A Marketing Allegory)

Happy New Year! Louis CK. Horace and Pete. Hubris. Huck Finn. Lenny Bruce. Wayne’s World. Scrooge. Crack. Taking it long form. Marketing.

Roger CortonLouis CK? Why Louis CK?

JCHI recently saw a bootleg episode of this web TV show that Louis CK did called Horace And Pete. And it was a bit scary for me on several levels.


JCHSorry for the detour, but you know how much I revere stand-up comedy, right?

RCRight. I believe you’ve even called it the most difficult of the performing arts.

JCHWow, you actually do stay awake during these things (laughs). OK, since Lenny Bruce, adventurous comedians have wanted to take it long form… go beyond comedy to real ‘storytelling’. Like Mark Twain. Just go into the realm of, I guess you’d call it ‘high art’.

RCOK. I seem to recall being told that Huck Finn was ‘great art’, so I’m with ya so far.

JCHCool. So Louis […]

The Christmas Marketing Contest

Merry Christmas! Why aren’t there more JC’s in the world! Why the disconnect between ‘Prog’? A marketing contest. With prizes! SnapChop! Tool. Periphery. Transatlantic. Butch Cassidy.

Roger CortonThe comments we got on our last Chat were mostly, “Are you guys fighting?”

JCHYears ago, when my ex and I were scouting locations for our wedding, we met with an old couple who had an old farmhouse they rented out for such events. They were talking about some memory and then they started having the most pleasant disagreement about whatever. And the old man said, “Dear, are we arguing?” And the woman said something like, “Well, I suppose we are. It doesn’t matter, Dear.” And then they both laughed and we moved onto some other topic. It took me a loooong time to realise that they really were arguing! That was their ‘argument’.

RCWhy did that stick with you?

JCHBecause that’s not an ‘argument’! It’s like in Crocodile Dundee where the mugger threatens Dundee […]

Niagara Falls, Are You For Real?

Slowly I turned. Step by step. Inch by inch. The Three Stooges. Plans for a fan party in Niagara Falls in February 2016. Great questions: CD Release Party or tragic marketing mistake? Is Roger for real? And if so, are there any other prog fans in Atlanta?

Roger CortonNiagara Falls. Slowly I turned. Step by step. Inch by inch.

JCHDamn. You beat me to the punch. I wonder if anyone under fifty will get that reference.

RCIt’s a sad day for America when you have to explain who The Three Stooges were.

JCHPreach, brother.

RCSo the upshot is that you want to revive the annual Niagara Falls Fan Party at Spring Break February 2016? Right on, man! It’s about time. We haven’t done that in six or seven years.


RCI didn’t want to mention it.

JCHYou’ve got that Southern politeness. But yeah, not […]

Epic Fail

Not just in time for Christmas, the new album is Epic. Marketing failures and success. Compilations and complications. Robert Plant’s voice may not be able to hit the high notes, but JC’s hand still can! Shredding. Beautiful Sounds. Oceans Below. Why not Compartments? Reaching that base of constituents.

Roger CortonWhen you emailed me before this chat, you told me the subject was ‘Epic Fail’. When I hear that I think about some girl in a bikini falling off a diving board. Epic Fail! A guy tries to do some fancy moves on the half pipe and gets smacked in the balls. America’s Funniest Home Videos! On steroids.

JCHThat is, if steroids kicked you in the balls.

RCExactly. So… aside from the obvious pun, what’s the point in using that reference to announce Epic, the new record?

JCHAs we discussed in The Plan, I had planned to get a new record out early next year. But from a marketing standpoint


Marketing Secrets Of The Dead

Since JC is busy practicing for the upcoming tour I am doing some housecleaning. As you know, many of our chats are heavily edited. Usually this is just to get to the point. I cut out lots of our ‘ummms’, gaping pauses and lewd humor. And then there are the times JC will drop into some made-up scene from some sci-fi movie that never got made in an alien language that should’ve been in an episode of Star Trek. And then there are the ad hoc songs. To give you an idea of the literary quality we’re talking about, here’s an example from the unedited text below.

I’d rather think of you and me
Than my next colonoscopy
But I can’t seem to put my fear behiiiiiiiiiiind mmeeeeeee!

I know I should hold back these tears
It’s only once ev’ry five years
But I can’t seem to put my fear behiiiiiiiiiiind mmeeeeeee!

We also have had about a hundred chats that have never see the light of day. Sometimes we talk and […]

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