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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Bill Bruford – Conversational Drumming

Happy Birthday Dr. Bill Bruford. Max Roach. How JC’s drumming has (cough) evolved. Terry Gilliam. Too many notes, Dear Mozart. How do you record yourself playing with yourself? And do Penis Extenders really work? Practice. Practice. Practice. Physicality vs. composing away from an instrument. Some thoughts on recording a conversation with yourself.

Roger CortonBill Bruford had a birthday this week. Did you know he was a PhD?

JCHI do now. I actually tried reading his dissertation.


JCHAnd it’s supposed to be some analysis of how various drummers approach (cough) ‘the beat’. That is, their approach to ‘time’. Now you know I have no trouble posting links to pretty arcane shit, but that thing? WOWSA! It never ceases to amaze me how people can be such great musicians and have such a BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING internal process. I mean seriously. Especially Brits. Fripp too.

RCI know exactly what you mean. I bought one of Fripp’s guitar video courses sight unseen and I […]


It’s poll-takin’ time. Do we want vinyl versions of JCHMusic? And if so, which albums? Politicians. CD vs. Vinyl. Accurate vs. Pleasant. Hi-Fi vs. Happy-Fi.

Roger CortonYou’re interested in vinyl? YOU? You who has called vinyl, “vintage snake oil”

JCHAs the politicians say, “My position on this issue has evolved, slightly.”

RC(laughs) Well, you’ve got the attitude to be a fine politician. What changed your mind?

JCHYou mean why has my position evolved?

RCYou’re such a hypocrite.

JCHBe that as it may. The will of the people has been made known. And I must follow THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!

RCYou are joking, right?

JCHWell, I am trying to move more product, dude (laughs). And for whatever reason, vinyl albums don’t seem to be a ‘fad’. They actually seem to sell with my demographic. And I embrace my demographic.

RCAs well you should. But they’re also big with all sorts of music fans.

JCHI […]

Prince Interviews On Tavis Smiley

More on Prince. Tavis Smiley interviews. Re-invention. Fan trust. Covers. What’s in a name? Lenny Bruce. Goyish or Jewish?

Roger CortonI read your post on Prince. You’ve talked many times of the difficulty in mixing yourself.

JCHIt’s awful. You tend to hear the music as you wish it sounded. You don’t hear it as it is. I’ve rarely talked with other musicians about it, but it’s as clear to me as a sky of azure that almost everyone suffers from this to one degree or another. Which is why it’s so dangerous to be a one-man-band. But he had that gift. Apart from all his other talents, that was the deal–seeing reality for what it is.

RCSo you’re downplaying his playing (sorry.) But you do the same things. You do it all.

JCHI’m gonna get punished for this, but from what I can hear he was an OK guitar player, drummer, whatever.

RCSeriously? ‘OK’?

JCHLook, I’m not Trump so don’t […]

Regarding Prince – The Mixer

I met Prince a couple of times in a recording studio (Sound 80?) when I lived in St. Paul. Or rather, I should say, I saw him, waved and he nodded in my general direction.

He and I are… er ‘were’ about the same age so it was notable to me that basically a kid was working behind the huge, spaceship-like recording desk. And the adults were actually paying attention to him; he wasn’t just playing around.

Other than that, I paid no attention to him because at the time he was still not the guy we would come to revere. He was just a kid R&B singer with a sexy poster but not much else to distinguish him. But I do remember this:

When I asked the head recording engineer why they were all watching, he said that Prince was the only guy they had seen who could mix himself. I had no idea what he was on about, but now I know.

Almost all musicians hear the sound we want to […]

I Still Like It

Epic ships 01/25/16. Uncle Ciaràn ate the same lunch every day for ten years. And liked it. How mixing is like that. Repetition can be good. And bad. Elvis. Hound Dog vs. Holst.

Roger CortonSo you’re done with Epic?

JCHYep. Unfortunately, I have to wait until after the holidays to get it mastered, but then it’s off to the manufacturer. So DV, the CDs should be shipping the third week of January.

RCCongratulations! I’m sure you’re relieved.

JCHI am, for several reasons. First off, I’m so sick of listening to the same songs over and over and over and over and…

RCLet me stop you here because I think I get the point. Silly me, I was thinking you might start on a positive note.

JCHSilly you. But as much as I like these pieces,

RCWait, you still like these pieces (laughs)?

JCHAbsolutely. I always tell people: I make the music, I wanted to hear, […]

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