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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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What I Learned About Frankenstein

To compensate for the aforementioned (and frankly inexplicable) lack operatic income, I’ve been playing with some local funk and blues groups which were quite well paid but I found myself repeatedly self-destructing. (More on that in a separate rant.) So I’ve been begging, borrowing, stealing work for various local pit bands—community theatre, dinner theatre, etc. Since my various maladies, I sure ain’t the picker I once was, but thank goodness there are still gigs where reading is a pre-requisite; and thank goodness all the jokes about guitarists and sheet music ring truer than ever. It’s a living.

And it’s given me a chance to watch all the low budget ways that you can stage various gags. I kept getting hung up on ‘impossibilities’. There are so many events in any staged production which defy believability if you think about it too much. But it seems that I have to constantly remind myself the very thing I love about the theatre: people want to suspend disbelief. I don’t have to worry so […]

Video: Why Don’t You Come In? (You Must Be Cold)

The second official video from Positive (2010).

I noticed that a lot of people are using Youtube videos simply as a vehicle for listening to music. So this piece is not much more than that; a hopefully pleasant business card to get people to check out the site and perhaps (perchance to dream), shell out for a CD.

You can check out all the videos at the fantastic new JCHarrisMusic Video Channel!

The Evil Empire IE Mea Culpa

About an hour after I raised the flag on the new site, the complaints began to creep in. Complaints that seem a bit like body odor. No one wants to mention it, but… And the rancidness you were experiencing seemed to exude most from those machines still running Internet Explorer.

In my arrogance; surrounded by geeky Seattle which knows better than to use IE, I felt comforted in ignoring the possibility of quirks with the Redmond Browser. I did not feel the massive gravity which would compel a web designer anywhere else in the world to double and triple-check his work against the most popular browser on this here planet.

But nooooooooooo… I hate IE. So I ignore IE. And if you have problems with IE? I scoff and point you towards Firefox or Chrome. Or even ‘Opera’. In short? I am a snob. Due for a comeuppance.

And boy howdy did I get one. IE users reported every problem from no sound (not great for a music site) to pages with no […]

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