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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Phil Woods: In Memoriam

Phil Woods was one of a hundred truly great musicians I’ve been blessed (and I do mean that literally) to work with; just once. A last minute sub. A teaching seminar. A gig where the guy was doing a local event and didn’t want to bring the ‘real’ band. Some society gig. So rather than being a great time it’s often kinda awkward. You’re next to this ‘god’ and you’re only going to be together for a few hours. It’s like getting a seat on a plane next to yer childhood idol. Do we talk? Can I ask burning questions? How much do I get to gush? Will I do something stupid? No. Maybe. Not much. Yes.

I confess, I don’t particularly enjoy the saxophone. Don’t get me wrong: some of the greatest music ever performed has been made on the sax. Frankly, the basic tone often sounds to me like what it was invented to be: a really loud, easy to play band instrument. Don’t be angry. Mozart often said […]

Another Ten

JC’s Alternate Ten Progressive Rock list. These are lesser known or out in left field picks that should be part of every music-lover’s collection once you’re ready to go beyond ‘the standards’.

Roger CortonLast time we gave people your top ten progressive rock albums of all time list.

JCHWhich the world was turning blue waiting for. But yes, Ten Albums You Will Not Believe Once You See Them!

RCYou have a great future in Internet advertising. But this time we’re talking about some other great albums that are not necessarily ‘the best’ but are overlooked or out in left field. But like before we should start by discussing our criteria for selection.

JCHWell, to begin, I don’t want any crap about the lack of Pink Floyd or Rush or Dream Theater or whatehvs in the Top Ten List. You want the standard rock critic bullshit to get the imprimatur of rock critics who down deep hate and mock you? Here ya go: […]

Travel 2015

I heard an interview on the radio today with John Cleese and Eric Idle of Monty Python’s Flying Circus fame. Apparently they’re plugging a new duo act they’re doing. During the spot, Cleese said something I keyed on that has absolutely nothing to do with their act. He said that, whenever possible, he would much rather travel between gigs by car than to fly. As a fellow traveler, I completely sympathize!

In 2000, I think the average traveler would have said just the opposite. Only fifteen years ago, plane travel was ridiculously cheap and the service was still reasonably good. Even though gas prices are (more or less) the same now as then, as a consumer I have a tough time understanding this radical shift. This is progress?

The practical effect for me is that when I started doing whatever ‘this’ is, ease of travel was a large part of what made it possible. Back then I make or could change plans at the drop of a hat and no problem. Now? […]

The Ten Best Progressive Rock Album List

JC’s Top Ten Progressive Rock list.

Roger CortonSo after last week’s opera-thon, we agreed to get back to some red-blooded progressive rock. And what’s more red blooded than a good old fashioned Top Ten List? I guess we should start with the question, why does the world needs another ‘ten best list’?

JCHLook, Chris Squire is gone. Most of the founders are no longer productive. It’s becoming a memory. Like I said ten years ago, it’s a museum piece. And frankly, what passes for progressive rock these days is so far removed from what I thought it was about that I think it’s worth periodically revisiting the source.

RCTo stay on course. Fair enough. Then while we’re at it, we should finish defining our terms; what we’re trying to accomplish.

JCHRight. First off, I’m not saying these are “the best” although they may well be. As with any good survey, the idea is that if you make yourself familiar with these, you’re getting […]

September, 2015
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