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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Starting Over – Snippet The Boats

Another snippet from the new opera, The Boats called Starting Over. Even more masturbation. Trogdor. Metal as Pro Wrestling. Spinal Tap. Going to Eleven. The arc of opera.

Roger CortonA new snippet. Dare I say it seems a bit ‘power-poppish’?

Starting Over (Snippet)

JCHDare. Dare.

RCSo where are we in the story now?

JCHSo… in an opera every character has to have their own song. Typically, it tells you how they are or what they’re trying to do. This is Tomás’ story–the middle brother. The three brothers realize that they’re gonna have to leave. The eldest brother is the least reluctant and the younger is the most jazzed. So Tomás’ feelings are the pivot for the story. Every time he goes out to work he feels like he’s in his element. But his wife is not entirely thrilled–he’d make her a lot happier if they left the life. So he’s having this inner struggle.

RCI have […]

Please refer to the gigs page, we’ve had to reschedule the shows in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA to the second weekend in May. […]

Dance Like No One’s Watching

Just don’t do it in front of me! :mrgreen:

Look, everyone (at least everyone on PBS) espouses that lack of self-consciousness. But they don’t really mean it. Not really. Because we all know that if you actually start doing anything like no one’s watching–and someone’s watching? The men in the white coats are surely on the way.

So for most people, that line is just another phrase like “Speak your mind!” and “Don’t sweat the small stuff!”; nice thoughts that show up on cheap greeting cards, but no one expects (or even desire) people to actually do.

But still. What does one do if your job actually depends on living with that lack of self-consciousness?

As Rog and I were discussing last week, I recently watched ‘You Can’t Take It With You’. For those of you who poor souls who have not had the same benefits of […]

What Do You Do All Day? (Self-Consciousness Part I)

Self-consciousness. You Can’t Take It With You. Frank Capra. Lawrence Of Arabia. Masturbation (again) vs. Composing.

Roger CortonWe’re once again in that in-between time.

JCHYou mean all those months and years when people wonder what the hell I actually (cough) ‘do’ all day?

RCWhat do you do all day?

JCHYa know that kills me. Because every woman I’ve ever been with who was not married to me wonders exactly the same thing. And I’ve decided that it’s one of those great big lies that people tell in order to get along with one another.

RCWhat great big lies? He said, not really wanting the answer.

JCHA couple come to mind. The first is, like I said, “What do you do all day?” People with ‘normal’ jobs simply don’t ‘get’ how much work this so-called career is. I’m not whining.

RCIt sounds like whining.

JCHIt’s not whining. I’m just saying that it’s one of those deals that […]

March, 2017
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