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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Discussions regarding Detroit The Opera and the city upon which it is based.

Green Book and Detroit

Green Book

Green Book, Detroit. The real Don Shirley and The Donald. The ‘N’ Word, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Abraham Lincoln, Uhura and Star Trek. Obama, Marc Maron and WTF. The Bruce Lee School Of Race Relations. Rent? Really?

Roger CortonSo why are we still talking about Detroit when you’ve got a whole new album and opera about Ireland?

JCHWell, a while back I mentioned that I was still getting some interest in Detroit. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this coincides with Black History Month. I went back and checked and duuuhhhh, all the initial inquiries about the score seem to have occurred around this time of year. I just never put two and two together before. What got me really thinking about it was that movie ‘Green Book’. Did you see it?

RCI did see it.

JCHWhat did you think?

RCI liked it it. It was a little cheesy but that’s OK. I had […]

Trump, The Election And Detroit

Like, you, I’ve seen all manner of Interweb blather regarding the recent election. For all the good it will do, I’ve certainly added my portion of spleen to the mix. I am particularly galled (we’re apparently using organ metaphors today) by the reactions of so many of my left-coast pundits who cry, scream and generally act like babies about the results–occasionally using the same rhetoric as those on the right, eg. the “The election was rigged, I tell ya!” gag. But being intellectuals, this varietal is, “The Electoral College was rigged!”

My feelings have been somewhat more consistent over the past few years. At the risk of sounding like some obnoxious “Neener, neener, neener!” child, I’ve been screaming at the left for years about it’s estrangement from the very working people who built the Democratic Party back in the days of Roosevelt both here and at The Rational Christian Ranter.

Don’t Get Mad. Write An Opera!

My way of (cough) ‘expressing my concerns’ was to write Detroit, the […]

An Epic Happy New Year

Epic is out. So now what? New Year’s Resolutions Niagara Falls. Detroit goes to high school. Summer Tour. Progress. Quotes from Hamlet. And Macbeth?

Roger CortonHappy New Year!

JCHBack at ya, mate.

RCSo. Now what?

JCHThat’s an excellent question!

RCAnd the topic of today’s little side show.

JCHHey, that’s my line! So let’s go down the list…

RCWell to begin with, we just released Epic, right? As you say, that’s not chopped liver. We need to keep talking about that, man.

JCHWe will. We will. But we’ve also got Niagara Falls in THREE WEEKS!

RCAnd then there’s Detroit for high schoolers in April.

JCHWell, I dunno if that’s of public interest, but yes, I’ll be heading for Connecticut to see a concert performance.

RCBasically that means a stripped down version?

JCHA concert version simply means that the singers don’t act. They simply sing […]

Video – Who Do You Think?

New video of “Who Do You Think” from the opera Detroit. When is it cheating? Lennie Tristano. The Great Gatsby.

Roger CortonSo you posted another video from Detroit. And you said that we should discuss the differences between ‘the score’ and what went onto ‘the album’. OK, shoot.

JCHThe recordings I did for Detroit were not meant to make an ‘album’.

RCI always assumed it was meant for marketing purposes?

JCHPartly. Although partly it was to hear how things sounded! I’m not Haydn or Bernstein. I don’t stand in front of an orchestra every day. Some of the orchestrations? I had no idea how they were really gonna sound. Were they playable? I had the usual noob fear. But yeah, I had the knucklehead idea of doing a ‘Kickstarter’ and all those guys do elaborate ‘presentations’ in their videos to sell the idea. I figured I had to do something like that.

RCBut life […]

Happy New Year

What’s happening 2015 from singles and a summer tour to Detroit The Opera, which looks like it’s going back to high school.

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