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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

Rants By Topic

Twenty Years (The Video)

This is the official video for the second single from Beautiful Sounds. It’s a tender love song. Or at least as ‘tender’ as I get these days. 😉

What’s It All About, Mr. Natural?
Again, asking about the whole ‘plot’ thing? OK.

The song is about written to a hesitant lover–something I know a bit about. After one reaches a certain age and ‘been around the block’ a few times, one is naturally reticent to believe in happy ever afters. But most of the people I’ve met want to believe in that stuff. The song is about how we may have to actually talk ourselves into making that leap, even though it’s what we want.

The whole business with the airplanes came to me as fitting all the honking and push/pull at the beginning of the song. I spent many years running from one airport to another, always in a rush and the quick cuts seemed as if they’d be built into the song from […]

First Video: It’s A Racket

The official (and my first) video from my new album Beautiful Sounds.

What’s It All About, JC?
A few people have had the audacity to ask about the ‘plot’ of the video. Having seen the dawn of MTV (you know… back when they actually played ‘videos’) this puzzles me. Plot? We don’t need to show you no steenkin’ plot. We need chicks wearing only enough clothing to cause a massive yeast infection. And maybe some cars. Or leather jackets. And mousse. Lots o’ mousse.

The storyboard (such as it is) — is concerned with the hypocrisy of the war; as well as various other things in our culture. While the war goes on (the battle footage) one guy just sits and calmly reads his paper; another guy barbecues; and still another dances because, well the beat is pretty groovy. Two guys with guitars play in the background — they’re ‘the band’.

The guy dancing just appreciates the groove. This is like so […]

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