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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Neuromancer Lite: My Experience so far with Facebook is…

…a joke. A bad joke, I might add.

As I previously wrote, I’m currently spending no small amount of effort to ‘push content’—timeless prose such as this—onto various ‘social networking’ sites. The idea being that many people now ‘live’ inside portals such as Facebook and can’t be buggered to visit individual sites such as mine.

If that is the case, then, in all seriousness, I need someone to educate me as to why I would want to live in such a virtual Newark, NJ. And by that, I mean that nothing works very well.

First off, and this in itself is fatal: It’s slow.  I mean really slow. I cannot even imagine using it over dial-up. Or maybe I can because it responds over broadband like Compuserve used to over dial-up. Now that’s progress!

And then there are the crashes. Various ‘apps’ crash all the time. To their marketing credit, they don’t feel all that bad because you get these nice calm messages saying that ‘something went wrong’, which is, I guess, progress over […]

Characters And Voiceovers

A lot of my songs have these little characters. The most current examples I hear about are Dino in ‘No Drive’ and the two soldiers near the end of ‘It’s A Racket’ on Beautiful Sounds. But they’re on every record.

Sometimes they are an integral part of the story as in the above or  ‘Ralf’ your German waiter from ‘The Party’ on Compartments and Mr. Parker and that sad guy in Oceans Below on Positive.

And sometimes they are little non-sequitir cameos like the intro to ‘Hey Girl’ on Home.

Some people love ’em. Many hate ’em (including my closest relations, but that’s another story.)

I don’t know why I started doing these. Perhaps because I always loved ‘acting’. One myth I want to dispel is that they are borrowed from Frank Zappa. Not true. I’ve addressed this before; I was never really that big an FZ fan. Only recently, I saw him in an old interview talk about this. Apparently he felt that voiceovers were […]

Social Networks?

OK, so I recently broke down and got a Twitter account (see: The Twitter Thing).

What’s next? Spreading out! Facebook. MySpace. iLike. etc. etc. etc. Yes, I am currently working on pushing my manifold activities onto all these platforms. (OK, some of you already know I technically do have accounts on all these places, but they are all about as lively as a <insert Dan Rather style metaphor here>.  In short, they don’t do anything for me.) I talk about my objections to all this sort of thing over at the main site under FAQs.

But I’ve decided that hitting all these sites is the only way to reach the masses who need what I’ve got but don’t know they need it.The market has become so fragmented that there is no universal way to get one’s message out. In short, you have to shotgun spray all the big media sites with your message. The trick is going to be how to bloody do it?

I sure don’t have the […]

The Twitter Thing

Well, it’s come to this:

Follow me! Follow me!

Learn what I had for lunch.

What I’m doing.

What I’m saying. About what I’m saying. To someone else entirely.

You’re like a fly on the wall. Except that the person I’m talking with sees me type, Type, TYPING. Instead of paying attention to what they’re saying. No problem. She’s texting her boyfriend while I do this. AND WE’RE HAVING A CONVERSATION!

I love the multi-tasking world.

But this way, those who care can get updates on shows and various doings without having to check into the web site. So I guess that’s handy. If you find anything worth ‘tweeting’ (twitting? twatting?) about, please let me know as my phone does -not- ‘twit’ and I follow no one but the Lord, baby.

First Video: It’s A Racket

The official (and my first) video from my new album Beautiful Sounds.

What’s It All About, JC?
A few people have had the audacity to ask about the ‘plot’ of the video. Having seen the dawn of MTV (you know… back when they actually played ‘videos’) this puzzles me. Plot? We don’t need to show you no steenkin’ plot. We need chicks wearing only enough clothing to cause a massive yeast infection. And maybe some cars. Or leather jackets. And mousse. Lots o’ mousse.

The storyboard (such as it is) — is concerned with the hypocrisy of the war; as well as various other things in our culture. While the war goes on (the battle footage) one guy just sits and calmly reads his paper; another guy barbecues; and still another dances because, well the beat is pretty groovy. Two guys with guitars play in the background — they’re ‘the band’.

The guy dancing just appreciates the groove. This is like so […]

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