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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Earplugs

A new Angry Love Song! So Much To Justify. The Mood Ring returns. Rainbow Randolph. Creativity comes in all sizes. Not repeating yourself. Snatch. You’ll have to speak louder than that. Ear plugs. New ‘Rawk’. Reference mixes for the deaf. Velvet Revolver. Slither. Outrageous French accents. Terry Jones and the Mouse Organ (RIP). Hearing loss: it can even strike classical players! Blame those really loud brass players. And Wagner.

RCWow. More new music.

So Much To Justify

JCHYep. Whaddaya think?

RCWell, if I use the all knowing Mood Ring, it’s a classic ‘Angry Love Song’.

JCHTouché Actually, I was thinking just that when I was working on it. And then it hit me? I DON’T CARE ANYMORE! Which is a big step for me. (laughs)

RCBig step? How so?

JCHWell, in the past, believe it or not I’ve always tried really, really, really, really, really, really…


JCHReally. […]

Why Can’t I Get Next To Rap?

If a white man doesn’t enjoy hip hop is there racism involved or just old age? The Atlantic hates Progressive Rock. Narcissism. Eating yer veg and broadening our minds. Beyoncé. Sugar Hill Gang. Grandmaster Flash. Sir Mixalot. Hamilton. Kendrick. The Guest Rapper Killed The Guitar Solo. Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. Journalists and music criticism. Rap, vegetables, Reagan and ketchup. Glenn Miller.

Roger CortonOK, there was a recent article in The Atlantic which is just damning of Progressive Rock. The author calls it ‘the whitest music ever’. So to respond you think it’s a good idea to talk about ‘rap’ music. Possibly the least prog-friendly music (if I can call it that) on this here planet. Why, Oh why?

JCHWell, first of all, I generally love The Atlantic. It’s probably my fave print mag ever. But they have this whole other group of people who blog for them; maybe they’re the minor league team. They tend to do narcissistic pieces like that.


Glenn Campbell Was My Co-Pilot

Glenn Campbell, RIP. JC’s Co-Pilot. Not Steve Howe. Monkees. Superpower. Oceans Below. Louis Shelton.

Roger CortonYou wanted to talk about Glenn Campbell.

JCHYeah man. My fave. Absolutely my fave. Playing. Singing. The cat.

JCHThere was this period when he was doing Wichita Lineman and Galveston and so on and I just thought he was the coolest.


JCHOh yeah. When I was a kid he did a TV special where he got to play and that was it for me.

RCThat’s so funny to me because everyone always thinks you play like Steve Howe.

JCHThat’s only because Steve is the only guy in ‘Prog’ who was coming from any vaguely (cough) ‘country/folky’ aspect and to yer average ‘Prog’ fan [fake chinese accent] velly solly, we all look arike to you round eyes. (laughs). But his playing and mine actually have little in common. His playing came from Chet Atkins and Merle Travis […]

I Know What You Want: Dance Music

I Know What You Want: Dance music. We decide to tackle a thorny subject. After unexpectedly great initial sales, fans decide realize complain mightily. Nice beat. I Give it an 85. But is it really ‘Prog’? Talking Heads. Kraftwerk.

Roger CortonAfter some pretty great initial results, the sales of Progress plummeted like the proverbial stone. Expected?

I Know What You Want (Snippet)

JCHExpected. Or rather, I think the fact that the initial sales were good was the unexpected part.

RCPart of it was, I think, the fact that some of us were expecting a (hate to bring up a sort spot) a tour.

JCHI get it.

RCAnd I think another issue, which we’ve decided to handle


RCDance music.


RCBecause the scuttle butt was that Progress is that…

RC“It’s just like Compartments

RCie. the […]

Health Care

Health Care. Marcel Duchamp and toilets. Postmodern. Andy Warhol and Campbell Soup Cans. Making a statement and William Carlos Williams. Strategery. Son House. Brazil. Trump. It’s complicated. Who knew?

Roger CortonSo last time we talked about how hard it is writing great lyrics. And in fact you said “there is almost nothing I seem to hate worse in life than lyrics”.


RCWhat with all the recent chaos we haven’t spent much time talking up your new album Progress. I think this is a chance to kill two birds with one stone; talk up a song and dive more into lyrics.

JCHYou’re so manly when you’re take charge.

RCI noticed something odd when I listened to my Progress CD of ‘Health Care’. The ‘raps’ aren’t the same as on this video.


RCI assume that’s intentional?


RCYou’re going to stop doing that soon, right?

JCHRight […]

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