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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Social Networks?

OK, so I recently broke down and got a Twitter account (see: The Twitter Thing).

What’s next? Spreading out! Facebook. MySpace. iLike. etc. etc. etc. Yes, I am currently working on pushing my manifold activities onto all these platforms. (OK, some of you already know I technically do have accounts on all these places, but they are all about as lively as a <insert Dan Rather style metaphor here>.  In short, they don’t do anything for me.) I talk about my objections to all this sort of thing over at the main site under FAQs.

But I’ve decided that hitting all these sites is the only way to reach the masses who need what I’ve got but don’t know they need it.The market has become so fragmented that there is no universal way to get one’s message out. In short, you have to shotgun spray all the big media sites with your message. The trick is going to be how to bloody do it?

I sure don’t have the […]

An Interesting Post On Copyright

[Ad] I've gone CRANKY for ™09. Have you? This is Joe Clark, a writer in Toronto, working on a very interesting book on copyright reform. It refutes a lot of the extreme points of view on both sides of the ‘great divide’.

Will Anyone Under Forty Pay For Music?

The thing I am learning, much to my cost, is that this business we call ‘show’ is flipped on it’s head. See it used to be that one toured in order to sell content. More and more now one basically gives the content away in order to get people to either:

a) Go to shows

b) Purchase swag

c) Promote a corporate tie-in

This is a bargain with the devil for any number of reasons, which I’ll delve into another time, but for now the question is ‘how did we get here?’. And the answer is simple: we got pimped.

Remember when ATM machines first hit? They were free, Free, FREE! Not so free anymore are they? We got used to them and then, like any good dealer, the banks then started charging. Good plan.

Now Google came along and gave us something very cool and very innocuous. They got us used to searching for stuff for free. And since we could search for stuff for free, we tended to seek out free solutions. And so […]

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