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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Why the ‘divide’ between ‘classic prog’ and ‘modern’ prog? “It feels to me like the kids who dig ‘Modern Prog’ as they like to call it, have almost no connection with the source material. That’s what bugs me personally. Usually with music, the people who dig a newer version of a music still enjoy the source material from which it sprouted.”

Greg Lake

I was on a plane recently, listening to the Emerson Lake & Palmer album ‘Trilogy’ as the miles flew by. If you’re a progressive rock fan–or even just a ‘classic rock’ fan–it can actually be hard to listen to such a chestnut as this. It’s like listening to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony for classical music lovers. Some tunes are so familiar that we can’t even really hear them anymore. Or even worse? They sound almost cloying.

But ironically, there’s a reason we get so jaded, right? They wouldn’t be ‘classics’ if they hadn’t deserved enough listens to wear out the grooves in the first place. However if one does make the effort to hear a piece with fresh ears, the rewards can be phenomenal. (The advantage that classical music has over progressive rock is that we can get a fresh perspective simply by listening to another version of Beethoven.)

Anyhoo, I listened to the outro solo on “From The Beginning”, which starts with a one-pitch bass fill. It’s just one […]

Slow But Steady – Spring Tour 2017

Spring Tour 2017, dubbed Slow But Steady. Trademarking. Come To My Town. On-line dating. Modern Romance. Keith Emerson. What’s it like to host a house concert? Come ‘N Get It.

Roger CortonBack on the road? And you’re gonna COME TO MY TOWN!

JCHI should trademark that. You know, get the little ‘R’ thingy?

RCSure. It only costs fifteen thousand dollars.

JCHWhat about the ‘TM’?

RCThe ‘TM’? Oh, that’s free. Worthless. But it is free.

JCHSold! Come To My Town. TM. But the real kick for me is that you finally get to see how the sausage is made.

RCOr to put it more accurately, I get to be the sausage maker. (laughs)

JCHBecause you, my friend, are about to become an impresario.

RCYes, I’m taking the plunge. I filled out the form and now I, that is we are going to Host Your Own Concert!

JCHAnd to torture […]

Louis CK Takes It Long Form And Suffers (A Marketing Allegory)

Happy New Year! Louis CK. Horace and Pete. Hubris. Huck Finn. Lenny Bruce. Wayne’s World. Scrooge. Crack. Taking it long form. Marketing.

Roger CortonLouis CK? Why Louis CK?

JCHI recently saw a bootleg episode of this web TV show that Louis CK did called Horace And Pete. And it was a bit scary for me on several levels.


JCHSorry for the detour, but you know how much I revere stand-up comedy, right?

RCRight. I believe you’ve even called it the most difficult of the performing arts.

JCHWow, you actually do stay awake during these things (laughs). OK, since Lenny Bruce, adventurous comedians have wanted to take it long form… go beyond comedy to real ‘storytelling’. Like Mark Twain. Just go into the realm of, I guess you’d call it ‘high art’.

RCOK. I seem to recall being told that Huck Finn was ‘great art’, so I’m with ya so far.

JCHCool. So Louis […]

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