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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

Rants By Topic

Some quick notes. First, I’ve tweaked the site to work better on ‘mobile devices’ (aka your phone). I think it works mostly OK, but please contact me if you run into any issues. […]


A different way of valuing music. The broccoli gap between the physical and the plastic arts.

JCHSo some guy just paid $175 Million for a painting. Think of that.

Roger CortonAnd why does that bug you so much?

JCHThat’s not even the thing that bugs me. The guy plans to lend the thing to a museum so they can put it on display.

RCAgain, why does that bug you?

JCHIt’s about value. $175 million for a painting… or rather just to say ‘that’s my painting’. It doesn’t do anything. It’s all about ownership.

RCLast try, why does that bug you?

JCHIt makes me think about just how devalued music is and why that is.

RCTangible assets?

JCHExactly. The idiot…

RCThe rich idiot.

JCH…the rich idiot gets to say ‘I own this’. I think it’s nothing more complex than that. A painting is a physical object. But music? An art based on time […]

Version Control

New versions of old epics. Beautiful Sounds Rev II and how to get it for free! Free! FREE!

May, 2015
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