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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Prince Interviews On Tavis Smiley

More on Prince. Tavis Smiley interviews. Re-invention. Fan trust. Covers. What’s in a name? Lenny Bruce. Goyish or Jewish?

Roger CortonI read your post on Prince. You’ve talked many times of the difficulty in mixing yourself.

JCHIt’s awful. You tend to hear the music as you wish it sounded. You don’t hear it as it is. I’ve rarely talked with other musicians about it, but it’s as clear to me as a sky of azure that almost everyone suffers from this to one degree or another. Which is why it’s so dangerous to be a one-man-band. But he had that gift. Apart from all his other talents, that was the deal–seeing reality for what it is.

RCSo you’re downplaying his playing (sorry.) But you do the same things. You do it all.

JCHI’m gonna get punished for this, but from what I can hear he was an OK guitar player, drummer, whatever.

RCSeriously? ‘OK’?

JCHLook, I’m not Trump so don’t […]

Regarding Prince – The Mixer

I met Prince a couple of times in a recording studio (Sound 80?) when I lived in St. Paul. Or rather, I should say, I saw him, waved and he nodded in my general direction.

He and I are… er ‘were’ about the same age so it was notable to me that basically a kid was working behind the huge, spaceship-like recording desk. And the adults were actually paying attention to him; he wasn’t just playing around.

Other than that, I paid no attention to him because at the time he was still not the guy we would come to revere. He was just a kid R&B singer with a sexy poster but not much else to distinguish him. But I do remember this:

When I asked the head recording engineer why they were all watching, he said that Prince was the only guy they had seen who could mix himself. I had no idea what he was on about, but now I know.

Almost all musicians hear the sound we want to […]

Progress – The Limiting Function

Second details on an upcoming new album called “Progress”. Calculus or just derivative? Chaplin vs. Lucy and Ethel. Jon Anderson. Fusion guitar shredding. Guitar quartets at 120db. Self-driving cars and a total loss of control.

Roger CortonIn our last action-packed episode, we started talking about your new album progress, and the concept behind it. You said that you thought that “progress” was inevitable, or at least that we all think it is inevitable. We are so indoctrinated to the idea that progress is good that we can’t imagine life any other way. You even compared it to gravity; a hidden force that we all assume is ever present.

JCHWhat a concise summation, dear friend. I salute you.

RCAnd I salute your salutation. You also hinted at the music. Care to comment on that?

JCHSure. When I started thinking about this record, I fretted and fretted and fretted and fretted.

RCAnd not on the geetar.

JCHCute. As I was saying, I […]

Progress Is Declared

First details on an upcoming new album called Progress. Genesis 1:28. Star Trek. The Organians. Klingons. Nietzche. Chinese island builders. Brave New World. The irony of a static music culture in an ever-changing world.

Roger CortonSo it’s time to start talking about the next record? I seem to recall you first hinting at this way back last July.

JCHYes. It’s a concept I’ve been thinking about for a looooong time. The working title is “Progress”.

RCAnd is that title ironic? I also seem to recall you going on about how much you hate how sarcastic and ironic the world has become. First the price hike and now this. The hypocrisy of it all.

JCHPerhaps you’re right. I’m less argumentative than I used to be.


JCHMe. Perhaps it’s age catching up with me. But the idea of the record is definitely to question the idea of progress.

RCExplain, please.

JCHIt dawned on me one day that my […]

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