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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Do I Look Like A Guy With A Plan?

Weeeeeeee’re BACK! Just in time for the holidays. New music is in the works! Politics. Die Hard and other McTiernan movies for the holidays. Eno. Embracing the chaos. I drink your milkshake. Joker.

RCIt really has been a long time.

JCHIt sure has. How ya been, old friend.

RCGetting older. Things are great. How about -you-?

JCHIt’s been banana pants here.


JCHPolitically. You know I ran for office, right?

RCI did know that. And the word on the street…

JCHWhich always reminds me of, like, Baretta or some other seventies cop show…

RCOf course. The word on the street, Huggy

JCHNice. Wrong show…

RC…Is that you won.

JCHI did win, Starsky. By a hundred and twenty votes.


JCHI feel a real mandate. NOT. (laughs)

RCWell, I could talk about politics and men’s fashions all day, but work must intrude.

JCHOh man, it would […]

Dance Like No One’s Watching

Just don’t do it in front of me! :mrgreen:

Look, everyone (at least everyone on PBS) espouses that lack of self-consciousness. But they don’t really mean it. Not really. Because we all know that if you actually start doing anything like no one’s watching–and someone’s watching? The men in the white coats are surely on the way.

So for most people, that line is just another phrase like “Speak your mind!” and “Don’t sweat the small stuff!”; nice thoughts that show up on cheap greeting cards, but no one expects (or even desire) people to actually do.

But still. What does one do if your job actually depends on living with that lack of self-consciousness?

As Rog and I were discussing last week, I recently watched ‘You Can’t Take It With You’. For those of you who poor souls who have not had the same benefits of […]

Worst Classical Music Cover Of All Time

OK, I know it’s adolescent of me, but I can’t help it. I just loooooooove this thing. You gotta love it when Barbarella meets The Planets.

Although, I gotta say. This may be a close second…


A Guitarist’s Christmas Story: The One That Got Away

Rog takes the week off, so JC has a Christmas Rant just for you: Don’t let the right one get away. Intuition.

Every guitarist I’ve ever met has a hard luck story something like this: they find a really interesting guitar at some out of the way place. And even though it’s not the guitar they thought they were looking for they have a great time messing with it. There’s just something about it. But for once in their life they decide to be ‘sensible’ and so they drive home to, you know, ‘think it over’. And by the time they get home they’ve talked themselves out of the whole thing. And of course, that’s the guitar they spend the next twenty five years wondering about.

I’ve done that. On multiple occasions. 😀 As they say, I’ve got the tracks of character tattooed all over my face. I sometimes look at myself in the mirror some mornings and I swear I can see at least a few of ‘*the ones that […]


I’d rather think of you and me
Than my next colonoscopy
But I can’t seem to put my fear behiiiiiiiiiiind mmeeeeeee!

I know I should hold back these tears
It’s only once ev’ry five years
But I can’t seem to put my fear behiiiiiiiiiiind mmeeeeeee!


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