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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Please refer to the gigs page, we’ve had to reschedule the shows in Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA to the second weekend in May. […]

Slow But Steady – Spring Tour 2017

Spring Tour 2017, dubbed Slow But Steady. Trademarking. Come To My Town. On-line dating. Modern Romance. Keith Emerson. What’s it like to host a house concert? Come ‘N Get It.

Roger CortonBack on the road? And you’re gonna COME TO MY TOWN!

JCHI should trademark that. You know, get the little ‘R’ thingy?

RCSure. It only costs fifteen thousand dollars.

JCHWhat about the ‘TM’?

RCThe ‘TM’? Oh, that’s free. Worthless. But it is free.

JCHSold! Come To My Town. TM. But the real kick for me is that you finally get to see how the sausage is made.

RCOr to put it more accurately, I get to be the sausage maker. (laughs)

JCHBecause you, my friend, are about to become an impresario.

RCYes, I’m taking the plunge. I filled out the form and now I, that is we are going to Host Your Own Concert!

JCHAnd to torture […]

Why No Band?

A question we get a lot: Why doesn’t JCHMusic have a full-time band? Band Fantasy Camps. Dream Theater. Composing for the material vs. the band. Switching instruments can be tough as one ages. Max Headroom.

Roger CortonSo the response for Progress seems to be really good! You’re already on your second CD run. And you’ve been a busy boy. Already planning a solo tour! This is good!

JCHIt is good. I have to say that this is the first record I’ve ever done where I felt pretty good about it out the gate.

RCSo you’re going the solo tour route. One question we get a lot is ‘why no permanent band’? Care to address this? Again?

JCHSure. It bears discussion ever couple of years. Although, ya know, there’s the odd few billion dollars in it for the guy who can come up with a simple way to make web sites repeat relevant content periodically. Sort of […]

This is a biggee. We’re sending out a blast e-mail to everyone who has ever purchased a show ticket or a CD or a digital download or sent us a threatening letter. This is a follow-up to catch any stragglers on various ‘Prog’ fora that may want to get in on the fun. […]

Onward Cover

Live snippet. Cover of Yes/Chris Squire’s ‘Onward’ from Tormato. Why we hate looping. Alfalfa and learning to croon. Simple things that are hard to do. Dick Van Dyke’s Recurring Nightmare. Tempo maps. Why do classical conductors make the big, big money? Astoria, OR is great in the autumn.

Roger CortonWe have that rarest sighting in the wild. You doing a cover song.

Onward (Cover) (Snippet)

JCHWell actually one verse, but yeah. As background, I finally got round to listening to that boxed set of Yes re-masters.

RCWhich came out, what, three or four years ago now?

JCHDo you actually listen to those door stops? I get these ‘gift boxes’ for Christmas pressies and…

RCI confess. I’ve gotten a few of those. Never listened to most of them.

JCHIndeed. Who has the time or patience to listen to the fifth outtake of whatever? Anyhoo, I listened to ‘Tormato’ again and… by the way, did you know, […]

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