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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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The Show That Never Ends (Part II.I)

Part II.I of a discussion of Dave Weigel’s new book The Show That Never Ends, a history of Progressive Rock, which is getting all sorts of discussion on social media. A follow up where JCH actually reads a book (shock). Moody Blues. Definitions. What makes for a real Indian? Even more Fripp.

Roger CortonYou finally read it (laughs)?

JCHI did. So a couple of quick things I got WRONG and then off to the weenie roasts.

RCYou? Using the ‘W’ word?

JCHWell that’s what happens when you review a book you haven’t actually read! (laughs).

RCGood point.

JCHI didn’t realize how much the thing reads like a history. Fact. Fact. Fact. Fact. Far less of an analysis then I expected.

RCI know. The way you were gassing on.

JCHWell in my defense all those reviews, the guy is giving all these long expositions

RCLike in that Libertarian magazine article. Ayn Rand and what […]

July, 2017
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