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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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The Operatic Voice

I understand that the biggest objection people come up against re. Detroit is the ‘opera’ voice. We’ve all done it in the shower.

Figaro! Figaro!

…and so on. I mocked that whole deal in my song ‘Time’ from

Filter Bubble (I Hate On-Line Reading)

I’ve been scanning all kinds of old music of mine… exercises… articles. Getting rid of pounds of old sheets. And I have mixed feelings about it. Although it’s great to be, as Travis Bickle would say, ‘organisized’, there’s a lot to be said for being surrounded by books and papers—literally stumbling across things to read as you try to find what you’re really looking for. But again, it’s important to have a clean desk.

Now there’s a lot of talk these days about a ‘filter bubble’ and an ‘echo chamber’. For example:

The Filter Bubble.

And I know what this guy is talking about. I see this all the time now with friends, fans, co-workers. It’s getting easier and easier to not only be isolated from what’s really going on, but also to be exploited by this insularity; to be a tool of ‘the man’ in a very Huxley kinda way.

And the more one goes paperless; the more one relies on the computer as a single portal for information, the more […]

February, 2011
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