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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Wallpaper Needs No Copyright

Or, “can it be wrong if everyone does it?” An NPR article on copyright that totally misses the point. Someone is making money on invented language? Peter Hollens and Middle Earth videogame sounds vs. Steve Roach and Ambient Electronica. Cosplay. Piracy. Point Counterpoint. Jane You Ignorant Slut. Fresh vs. Freeze-dried food. Some dark ideas on the future.

JCHOK, so there was this story on NPR:

JCHAnd I wrote a comment, which got deleted for some reason. So, sneak that I am, I re-posted it two days later (and below).

RCHoly Invented Language Batman! That guy is just like what you were ranting on Invent Your Own Language last month!

JCHExcept that he found a way to monetize the thing.

RCHe makes a six figure income! Making D&D sounds?

JCHI mean, who knew there was so much interest in ‘Cosplay’.


JCHGoogle it, homes. Apparently, playing dress up is a big deal nowadays. […]

Music Should Be Managed Like Money

A great article on the scary state of the music biz.

In 2015, 52% of All Music Spending Went to Live Concerts

A couple of things to note: First, if you look at the graphs, teens spend more on those pesky ‘physical formats’ than millennials. My guess is that this is because teens aren’t yet ‘free’ enough from their parents to pirate as much. In other words, the parents still have a modicum of control and, old farts that they are, encourage the kids to get ‘real’ CDs. My next guess is that this will fade over time.

Next, in the comments, it’s pointed out that one reason ticket prices are now so high is because live gigs are the only way most artists can actually make a living. So they compensate for the loss in album sales by jacking up the live ticket prices. This makes perfect sense to me, even though fans will likely (and rightly) feel screwed. There’s also the question of gentrification which I won’t get into […]

Piracy You Can Believe In

A very small amount of piracy is actually good (a very small amount.) And this subset of necessary evil is simply because the current copyright law is so bad.


2001 Strauss Trumpets

Not to be a tease, but if you don’t find this absolutely side-splitting? I honestly suggest that you consult a physician; your funny bone is broken.

OK, being a natural scofflaw, I assume you clicked the link and didn’t have a stroke or boils or hemorrhoids or whatever. Moving on. This one minute and forty five seconds of brass genius was something I heard maybe twenty years ago on an absolutely fantastic radio program called Schickele Mix which ran on public radio for prox. fifteen years. As you may surmise, this program was created by the composer, raconteur and re-discoverer of PDQ Bach, Dr. Peter Schickele.

Schickele Mix was a humorous […]

Irish Court Rocks My Anti-Piracy World

I have wondered aloud about the futility of fighting software piracy. Certainly, I’ve given up on any personal relief (ie. within the next 5-10 years.) But the recent ‘3 Strikes’ ruling by the Irish High Court, has given me a possible new way to think about the issue that does offer some glimmer of hope.

I call it…

The Anti-Smoking Campaign

People don’t smoke nearly as much anymore—well, at least in ‘the west’. Like our use of fossil fuels we’ve pretty much had our fun and realised that there’s a price to pay. So most people don’t smoke anymore; or if they do? They wish they didn’t because of the obvious issues (death being one, expense another.) Only the nuttiest of libertarians still proffer ‘equal rights’ to smokers.

I’m pretty sure that framing piracy like smoking is the way to go;#8212;not only as personally damaging but also injurious to the society as a whole. Seen from that POV, it’s possible to envision a marketing campaign that could change hearts and minds over the […]

I Have A Confession

Confession? Get it? Catholic joke.

I was recently screamed at about my selective ethics. About intellectual property no less! For years I have been a subscriber to NetFlix. Love it. Sometimes, I can’t watch the videos when they send ’em to me—I’m out of town or whatever. So I rip ’em. Yep I do. And then, perhaps a month later, I watch ’em. But then I toss ’em. This is bad, if for no other reason that I’m contributing to the toxic waste problem. But more to the point, it’s also a violation of federal law that states that no copying at all is allowed. Tough, I say. It passes the JCHVSEST because at no time do I pass the content on and never do I watch more than once before giving the disc the boot.

And while I’m confessin’ the blues, I’ll tell ya another way I’m a total scofflaw. I got over 800 DVDs at last count. I purchased pretty much every last one of ’em used for […]

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