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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Transition V (Walking In The Mountains) – Snippet The Boats

Back on track. Not a snippet a Transition from The Boats. No tangents or Bonk Bonk! Christine Primrose. Sean Nós. Rockers who could do opera? Or opera singers who can rawk? Scots vs. Real Gaelige. Stand and Deliver or Park N’ Bark? Les Miz vs. Real Opera. Didling or Mouth Music? Popeye. Can Celtic music get jazzy?

Roger CortonLast time we got totally sidetracked, leading to our first complete failure. So now, we’re going to reconvene and we are going to talk about Transition V, subtitled ‘Walking In The Mountains)’.

Transition V (Walking In The Mountains)

JC HarrisYa know something I noticed…

RCStop it.

JCHStop what?

RCI can always tell when you’re about to go off and that is not going to happen this time.

JCHOh c’mon… just a couple. They’re teeny weeny.

RCSo, JC. Tell us about this piece of music.

JCHWhat a killjoy.


Not Transition V – Too Many Tangents

This was supposed to be a chat about another ‘snippet’ from The Boats, but it finally happened: our first failed Rant. Just too many tangents. Why Transition V and not IV? Explanations of Traveling music and Supernumeraries: in opera and nipples. The Man With The Golden Gun. Christopher Lee’s bare chest. Bond. Extras vs. Supers. Choir in opera. Some basics of staging explained. Pointless movie quotes.

Roger CortonLast time we talked you said that you were going to put it all together. But this snippet is called ‘Transition V’.

Transition V Should Go Here

JC HarrisAnd?

RCAnd… What happened to Transition IV?

JCHWhat do you mean ‘what happened to it’?

RCWhen I go to the Story page I see Transition I, Transition II, Transition III. You skipped one.

JCHI’ve skipped out on a lot of things in my time, pal.

RCI bet you have. But why […]

America – Snippet The Boats

I guess the last one wasn’t the last snippet from the new opera, The Boats. America. Permission to leave. Emigration. John Wayne is one funky, dude. Black beer. James Brown. Mega-snippet. How it all fits together. One combo platter, coming up.

Roger CortonWell, I guess that wasn’t the last snippet. Maybe this is the last snippet?


JC HarrisHey, don’t sound so thrilled with some NEW MUSIC!

RCYeah, yeah. Look, where have you been for the past month?

JCHHealth stuff.

RCIt never ends.

JCHTrue dat.

RCSo, first things first. I thought there were no more snippets.

JCHBookkeeping? (laughs) So, each of the three sons has their own aria–where they think about where they imagine themselves going to. I realized that I hadn’t included the aria for the youngest son, Cian.

RCYou remind me of when I was a kid. I wasn’t happy until I had every baseball card in the […]

July, 2018
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