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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Next Stop Niagara

Just got off the phone with Rog and y’all should have just received an e-mail with some final details. I’m about to head out the door and I can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday.

It takes a ton of effort from people who don’t get paid to make these shows happen. Saying ‘Thanks’ as many times as I do sounds phony, but I don’t quite know what else to say.

And I know it sounds all chick-flick sentimental, but the support I’ve received over the years gets me all choked up whenever I think about it; which is a lot. My wind pipe is a mess.

One last thing: I haven’t gone into this for a while, but the state of the music biz continues to deteriorate. There are literally only a few dozen people out there who make a living selling creative music. And I meant that literally. Ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of professional musicians now do not make any kind of […]

Record Low Gas

With final prep for the Niagara Falls Party in full swing, we re-visit gear acquisition syndrome. Teaching. Malcolm Gladwell. Ten Thousand Hours. Behavior Modification.

Roger CortonSounds like you’re still getting over that virus?

JCHYep. Some surprising symptoms.

RCAre they gross?

JCHGAS. Or rather, a total lack of it.

RCLet me tell ya, in my family, that would be a definite plus!

JCHBut of course, I’m talking about G.A.S. Not the… well, you know.

RCGear Acquisition Syndrome. Bane of musicians everywhere. The almost uncontrollable urge to purchase new musical stuff either to help one play better or…

JCHOh cut the comedy. Just because it’s FUUUUUUUN. It’s like NASCAR for kids with long, oily hair.

RCAre those the kids who still play rock guitar? OK, so why are thoughts of GAS (sorry) evacuating from you at this particular juncture?

JCHI love when you let loose. Enough. Look, I made my first ‘home’ recordings of my […]

An Epic Happy New Year

Epic is out. So now what? New Year’s Resolutions Niagara Falls. Detroit goes to high school. Summer Tour. Progress. Quotes from Hamlet. And Macbeth?

Roger CortonHappy New Year!

JCHBack at ya, mate.

RCSo. Now what?

JCHThat’s an excellent question!

RCAnd the topic of today’s little side show.

JCHHey, that’s my line! So let’s go down the list…

RCWell to begin with, we just released Epic, right? As you say, that’s not chopped liver. We need to keep talking about that, man.

JCHWe will. We will. But we’ve also got Niagara Falls in THREE WEEKS!

RCAnd then there’s Detroit for high schoolers in April.

JCHWell, I dunno if that’s of public interest, but yes, I’ll be heading for Connecticut to see a concert performance.

RCBasically that means a stripped down version?

JCHA concert version simply means that the singers don’t act. They simply sing […]

February, 2016
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