The Music Of JC Harris

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

Rants By Topic

Discussions about technical junk which affects your (cough) on-line experience.

Some quick notes. First, I’ve tweaked the site to work better on ‘mobile devices’ (aka your phone). I think it works mostly OK, but please contact me if you run into any issues. […]

Version Control

New versions of old epics. Beautiful Sounds Rev II and how to get it for free! Free! FREE!

If you looked at the site lately it’s going through another bunch of aches and pains. I’m trying to make a truly mobile version of the site and it’s going less than smoothly. Not as bad as the federal health exchange, but still… My guess is that it’ll be a few more days to sort it all out; just too busy. […]

iPhone And Detroit Ringtones

We’ve posted a couple of ringtones for Songs From Detroit which you can get on the Downloads page. Both are attention getters.

New Song—A bit of Irish rock guitar.

March To War—A brass fanfare sure to get your attention.

And I just wanted to remind everyone that iPhone versions of all the ringtones are available there as well (no more hassle going through iTunes.)

Songs From Detroit Is Here

Three years in the making and available now! A collection of songs from the opera Detroit, with all new arrangements and performed by JC Harris. Get the details here.

PS: I May Have Something In My Eye…

Or, maybe it’s just another infection. 😀 Seriously, I can’t thank you all (fans and music companies alike) enough for your support. In this day and age, I really had no right to expect anyone to stick with me after so long away from touring—especially to do something so insane-o as ‘grand opera.’ These past three years have been, in many ways, the toughest of my life. And as I’ve noted here, I had no idea when I began how writing Detroit would affect me personally. I used to scoff at journalists and authors who bitch about ‘getting too close to the story.’ But I get it now. Thankfully, my drinking days are over or I’d be in trouble, buddy. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s […]

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