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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Transition IV – Snippet The Boats

Yet another Transition that is out of order from the opera The Boats.Peter Gabriel. Bodhrán. Hans Zimmer drums. Compression is a drug. Time shifts. Cuban music and the clave. Sneaky Bastard. One horse town. Duke and Harlem Nocturne. Joyce Brothers and Reality TV. How the sausage gets made. One more transition.

Roger CortonLast time we were talking about folk songs. But this thing sounds like one of Peter Gabriel’s soundtracks.

Transition IV

JCHActually, I was thinking the same thing. I tried to fight that, but you kinda have to go where the piece takes you.

RCNow don’t get me wrong. I love Peter Gabriel. I just didn’t think of it as ‘Celtic’ sounding.

JCHWell I don’t care about that. I just want it to fit the staging for switching between scenes.

RCWe talked about that last time and so if the title of this can be believed, this is the space right after the […]

Transition II (Trasna Na Donnta) – Snippet The Boats

Yet another Transition (not a Snippet) that is out of order from The Boats. Trasna Na Dtonnta (Across The Waves). Irony. Get Out. Staging. That’s what Directors are for. Counterpoint. Pachelbel was boring. Bartok was not. Translyvania and Normal. Rubick’s Cubes. Breathing and whistling in the right key. Schmaltz It Up. Black It Up. Whatever.

Roger CortonLast time we talked about Transitions. And this time we’re still talking about Transitions.

Transition II (Trasna Na Dtonnta)

JCHWhere will it all end? (laughs)

RCThis is the last one, right?

JCHI think so.

RCYou’re not sure?

JCHWell, like I’ve said a jillion times, this is rev one. Look what happened with Detroit! I could one day realize that the whole thing needs to turn left and my ‘ninety percent done’ meter could instantly flip to ‘fifteen percent done’.

RCStipulated. But right now, this is it? Si?


RCSo the […]

August, 2018
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