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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

Rants By Topic

This is a biggee. We’re sending out a blast e-mail to everyone who has ever purchased a show ticket or a CD or a digital download or sent us a threatening letter. This is a follow-up to catch any stragglers on various ‘Prog’ fora that may want to get in on the fun. […]

Get Ready For Blast-Off, Bucky

Progress getting ready for blast-off, Bucky. Happy Thanksgiving. Still time to pre-order and save a few dollars. Bill Cosby and the porcelain god.

RCWe’re meeting tonight (Monday) because tomorrow is mastering day, right?

JCHTomorrow is mastering day. So, unless Ed tells me my mixes sound crap, then we’re shipping on time.

RCCongratulations! This is big!

JCHYou mean because I almost never finish these things on time?

RCOf course not. Keep it positive, brother! Let’s get ready for blast-off, Bucky!

JCHOK, well I’m bringing it up, because I get how frustrating it has been for fans. For you.

RCDude, you gotta let that go. Everyone gets how hard it is to make these records, even under the best of circumstances. This is the highest number of pre-orders I’ve seen since I started helping out and I think it’s because the music turned out so good. Don’t you think so?

JCHOK, I’ll admit it: […]

Trump, The Election And Detroit

Like, you, I’ve seen all manner of Interweb blather regarding the recent election. For all the good it will do, I’ve certainly added my portion of spleen to the mix. I am particularly galled (we’re apparently using organ metaphors today) by the reactions of so many of my left-coast pundits who cry, scream and generally act like babies about the results–occasionally using the same rhetoric as those on the right, eg. the “The election was rigged, I tell ya!” gag. But being intellectuals, this varietal is, “The Electoral College was rigged!”

My feelings have been somewhat more consistent over the past few years. At the risk of sounding like some obnoxious “Neener, neener, neener!” child, I’ve been screaming at the left for years about it’s estrangement from the very working people who built the Democratic Party back in the days of Roosevelt both here and at The Rational Christian Ranter.

Don’t Get Mad. Write An Opera!

My way of (cough) ‘expressing my concerns’ was to write Detroit, the […]

November, 2016
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