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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Transition… Who Knows Anymore? – Snippet The Boats

Yet another Transition from the opera The Boats. Transition IV? Don’t make me turn this car around! Value for money. Seven years? Re-purposing and foreshadowing. Sounds are hard to catalog. Fitting the pieces of the puzzle.

Roger CortonLast time you said we were almost there. So is this really it?

Transition VI

JCHDon’t make me stop this car! I’ll do it, you know!

RCWow. There’s a video game for everything. But seriously…

JCHSeriously what?

RCIsn’t it time to think about wrapping this thing up?

JCHIs that what yer bugged about?

RCWell DUH! Why, what did you think?

JCHI thought you’d be bothered about value for money.

RCSay what?

JCHWell, you know. A whole chat just for a forty five second snippet. I figured you would feel gypped.

RCWell […]

Transition VI – Snippet The Boats

Is this the last Transition from the opera The Boats? Majesty. ELP. Copland. Grand Canyon. James Newton Howard. Star Wars. John Williams. Brass. Fanfares. James Levine. Unpersoning. 1984. Free Association. Free psychotherapy. The point of all these Transitions. Wozzeck. The nobility of fishermen. Comic books are so 2D. Gluck. Quicksand is the bitch.

Roger CortonBefore we get started, I just wanted to do a truth check. Last time you promised that this was the last ‘Transition’.

Transition VI

JCH Mmmmmaybe.

RCI knew it was too good to be true. But I have to admit. This is pretty majestic.

JCHYou wouldn’t know majesty if it bit you in the face! God help me, I still think that’s a total scream.

RCI do too. Although for a long time I didn’t like the way they make fun of guitarists.

JCHI feel ya. That’s a large part […]

September, 2018
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