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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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The Clock Is Ticking

Years ago, my ex-wife, a graphic designer, used to scream about the onrush of ‘idiots with a Mac and a Laserjet!’ during the advent of ‘desktop publishing.’ It took a long time to convince average people that, despite what Apple and Microsoft were telling people, not just anyone can make a proper newsletter or a logo or anything decent looking.

Positive was the audio version of DTP. I confess: because of my long-standing loathing of the recording process (all those cables!), I was only to happy to think that a computer program would make everything ‘point and click!’ I of all people, fell under the sway of the glamour of PC evil and Danielle’s dreaded curse.

I’ve spent the last ten years learning the craft of recording properly. Re-mixing Positive is my final penance for my initial hubris.

As I’ve ranted before, re-mastering a record is a lot like the experience of Ebenezer Scrooge. You get to see all yer past sins again and again. And again. And as I’ve also […]

Back To The Museum

So how is the opera thing going? Not bad. Not bad. Glad you asked. Actually, the thing fairly well writes itself. It’s an odd thing, but it’s clear I wanted to write something about Detroit; that Detroit is the big catalyst of my entire life, since I got here. The real issues are always two:

Is it turning into just a series of songs?
Why the fuck didn’t I pay more attention in orchestration class?

The first issue doesn’t concern me now so much. I’ve moved along far enough where basically everything is developing out of the same four themes I’ve presented in the teaser medley. In fact, the worry now is that there is too much ‘unity’—that the end will seem like 400 variations on the same four ditties. Beethoven may have been able to take four notes and turn ’em into an hour of interesting ‘organic development’. But hey, he was Beethoven. (Which begs the question: would he have still been Beethoven […]

Positive Re-master schedule

Well, we’re getting there. Finally. 😉

I’ve tried thinking about how to describe my feelings about doing a new mix (not a ‘re-mix’ boy do I hate that term.) One thought was: ‘high school reunion’. Visiting people you haven’t in years to see how they’ve aged. But that’s not really a good metaphor.

Actually this is a lot more like plastic surgery. The kind of plastic surgery that’s supposed to be psychologically all wrong.

“Now Brenda, you’re just fine the way you are. Why do you feel a need to change anything? Can’t you learn to love yourself the way you are?”

Yeah, right. The problem with that analogy is that, as I’ve said, I never planned on Positive being heard by the general public. It just took off a bit. But then, it stalled. It just wasn’t up to par recording-wise and people hear it—even if they can’t articulate that. People feel it’s not ‘finished’ sounding.

Moving back to the plastic surgery metaphor, […]

June, 2010
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