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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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The Most Artificially Intelligent Music On This Here Planet

THE WEBSTORE IS FIXED! Streaming AI. Artificial Intelligence. Spotify. Dinnsdale Redux. Do you chase creativity or does the creativity chase you? 1984. A new kind of Muzak. Diet Coke is the real thing. 75k. The Doors made me do it. Film Noir. They Drive By Night

RCLong time.

JCHNo see.

RCWhat’s new?

JCHWell, I’ve been taking a break from music.

RCI believe you called it a ‘palette cleanser’.

JCHRight. You gotta get away from music. And then the creativity just starts chasing you around.

RCLike a wild animal.


RCNobody gets that reference. I thought you the artiste chased creativity. Not the other way around.

JCHNo. Nobody gets the references. As we’ve discussed, I had no idea that my references would become just as square as any other sixty year old geezer’s. But regarding ‘creativity’. It really does chase me. It wakes me at night. It bugs me when I’m trying to […]

August, 2019
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