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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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What Did You Do To The Site?

I want to apologise for the past few days of graphical mayhem on the site. I think the storm is mostly over. It’s not the result of any nefarious doings or some vast interweb meltdown. Nope. Just me dickin’ around.

As some of you are aware, I am constantly making small changes to the web site. I try to ‘slipstream’ these so that they are largely unnoticeable as they happen, but over time the site slowly morphs. And all the while, I try to keep ‘the brand’ consistent.

And then there is the occasional tweak that has, what they call over at BP Oil ahem ‘unintended consequences’. And then what you end up with is, as they say in the old country: A lotta tsuris is what you’ve got mine friend.

OK, maybe they say only that in the circumcised bits of Ireland.

Just so ya know… I keep trying to make the site easier to use for people with disabilities and small displays such as iPhone users. (One might say that many of […]

Getting People To Dance: The New Download Scheme

Been doing a lot of dance gigs recently—building the ol’ chops to play live again. And I’ve been wondering about why people dance to some songs and not others. There are lots of songs that we’ll play that are just slammin’ but the dancers? Ho humsville. Then other songs, that everyone in the band feels totally ambivalent about? The dancers lose their minds. There is a middle-aged stampede to hump the stuffed tiger. (Don’t ask.)

Now you could say that the above situation is because ‘the band’ likes songs that are more musically interesting than the dancers, but this is only partly true. Though I would agree that there sure is some perverse (and inverse) correlation between musical quality and general dance-ability, this is not always for certain; not by a country mile. In fact, I can’t figure it out. All I can say about it is this metaphor:

I’ve railed against Lady Gaga’s lack of musicality before. But since then I’ve learned something else: people think she’s seriously hot. […]

OK, It’s August. So Where The Heck Is Positive Re-Mastered?

Dear JC,

On 24 May you wrote that the re-mastered version of Positive would be available by 1 August of this year.Well, it’s now the fifteenth and I’ve heard nothing about this for quite some time.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall that your last record was also delayed. And the one before that. And so was the one before that.

You know I support you, mate. But let me ask you: Why bother telling people about new albums if you never come anywhere near the target? Why not try putting out a new album after it’s done and not talking about it beforehand?

Hoisted on my own blog-petard. How embarrassing.

The raw truth is this: The sun got in my eyes. So it fell out of me bag on the way to school. And my dog ate it. And then things got really tough.

But seriously ladies and germs, there’s been the usual delays which result from trying to do […]

May, 2010
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