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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Epic – Come And Get It!

Epic, the new album by JC Harris and JCHMusic ships today so come and get it! Duke Ellington. Versioning. Dignity!

Bowie Vs. Frey In Second Life

Actually a coda to our last conversation. Glenn Frey. David Bowie. So much death in rock and roll lately. Every artist has multiple lives. More on aging gracefully.

Roger CortonBowie last week. And now Glenn Frey?

JCHTransitions! (laughs) Yeah, they’re droppin’ like flies, baby.

RCAny thoughts?

JCHLook, the world isn’t waiting on baited breath for anything I would have to say about these guys.

RCBut that never stopped you before, so…

JCHSo, I will say I was never a huge fan of Bowie. I have probably actually enjoyed more Eagles music over the years.

RCSeriously? I’m surprised. I thought you dug T-Rex and Roxy Music the most so I guess I just assumed…

JCHYOU ASSSSSSUMED!!!? No, I never dug ‘glam’ all that much. Great songs? Always. But all the androgyny and especially those honky guitars? Naaahhh. But with regard to Bowie, all the different personas seemed a lot more important […]

Epic Niagara Falls 02/27

Slowly I turned. Step by step. Inch by inch. Epic Release Party Niagara Falls Saturday February 27th 2016. Martin Luther King Day. Schipperkes.

Roger CortonIt is so on, baby. Niagara Falls. Saturday. February 27th. 2016. 8pm. I am there.

JCHPlus about a hundred and twenty of my closest friends so far. I’m pretty excited too.

RCAny nerves?

JCHNerves? Sure. You’re talking to a guy who’s already been stopped at zee border plenty of times, señor. But aside from that not really. So long as I get to practicing, like yesterday.

RCOK, so any news?

JCHWell, if you signed up, you’ve got yer details. If you haven’t? There are prox. thirty seats remaining. The show part will be an hour of the old school solo format, followed by a break and then thirty minutes with Sasha, Nick and Timo.

RCAKA the full band.

JCHAKA the full band doing some of the best […]

Music Should Be Managed Like Money

A great article on the scary state of the music biz.

In 2015, 52% of All Music Spending Went to Live Concerts

A couple of things to note: First, if you look at the graphs, teens spend more on those pesky ‘physical formats’ than millennials. My guess is that this is because teens aren’t yet ‘free’ enough from their parents to pirate as much. In other words, the parents still have a modicum of control and, old farts that they are, encourage the kids to get ‘real’ CDs. My next guess is that this will fade over time.

Next, in the comments, it’s pointed out that one reason ticket prices are now so high is because live gigs are the only way most artists can actually make a living. So they compensate for the loss in album sales by jacking up the live ticket prices. This makes perfect sense to me, even though fans will likely (and rightly) feel screwed. There’s also the question of gentrification which I won’t get into […]

January, 2016
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