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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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The Boardwalk Empire Effect

I really love Boardwalk Empire. Aside from the obvious comparisons with Detroit, it’s got fabulous actors, costumes, sets and great period music. Totally captivating. After all the boffo recommendations, I couldn’t wait to get my first NetFlix disc. I flipped it in and within five seconds I was reaching for the remote to shut it off. This alt rock theme wailing away (which sounds a lot like ‘Season Of The Witch’) under all these surreal CGI-enhanced images from the show. WTF?

I must stop here to tell you that I am of that ilk that finds no joy in stylistic mash-ups. Remember all those movies in the 80’s where they hired Queen (or worse still, Hans Zimmer) to do a rock/sequencer score for a movie involving medieval castles? YUK!

Fortunately, if one fast forwards past the crappy theme music? The actual show score is fantastic early jazz. But I forgive ’em. I know why they did it. And it worries me.

When you hear live early jazz it sounds great. Big. Full. But […]

It Gets To Be A Bit Much

A short post just to say… “I’m not dead.” I’ve started about twenty fabulously expansive rants and I just run outta gas.

But it’s been too long. So…
1. We’re actually gettin’ near the end. I had all these grand pretensions of posting snippets of notation and audio and all these really cool images of Detroit in it’s hey day and man? I get exhausted even thinking about doing all that multi-media pre-marketing shit. But the music is even better than I thought. It took me a long time to really believe it… It was just so impossible when I started that I didn’t take it all that seriously in some respects.

2. I was warned not to care too much. Which I completely laughed off. What am I? Some kinda method actuh? But at some point, all melodrama aside, the nature of Detroit got to me. It is no exaggeration to say that I’ve made myself clinically depressed getting to know these people. I cannot wait to have this over. It’s all […]

April, 2012
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