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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

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Let’s Go Shopping

New shopping cart. Same old whining about being an artiste. Outrageous French Accents. Fulfillment costs. More on Versions and Lord Of The Rings.

Roger CortonSo you have a new shopping cart, I see.

JCHYes, if you’ve tried ordering in the past few days, you might’ve noticed some (cough) ‘technical difficulties’. I had to change the entire order processing system as I started ranting about in here.

RCWell, I’m glad it’s fixed, but it also looks a lot better. I found the whole ‘digital’ versus ‘cd’ versus ‘songs’ thing confusing. My question is, “Why wasn’t I asked to beta-test?” (laughs).

JCHIt’s hard to get dis-interested testers. People who don’t know what they’re doing. But I made a ton o’ changes.

RCSuch as?

JCHWell, the first thing is that I finally shifted to SSL.

RCIt’s a rocket ship?

JCHThe https thingy. Everything is now encrypted. Not to get all geeky, but every site that collects yer data […]

$16.95 Doesn’t Seem Like Such An Odd Amount To Charge For A CD Anymore

Prices on CDs raised to $16.95! But hell hasn’t frozen over. Yet. But wait: there’s a totally cheesy sale on remaining CDs. But only if you act now! FAQ hypocrisy. Artistic worth.

Roger CortonJC Harris seems to have raised the price of his CDs to the industry standard $16.95. And yet–I’ll have to check the weather on my phone–but hell does not appear to be freezing over at the moment.

JCHI assume you’re referring to this:

$9.95 Seems Like An Odd Amount To Charge?

RCYes. So, the first question is: are you now eating your words? Could it be that your pricing model was, as (cough) some of us have suggested over the years, too damned cheap? Are you, like The Fonz, now ready to say, “I was wrrrrrrrrrrrrron….”

JCHEnough already. I feel bad enough […]

Epic – Come And Get It!

Epic, the new album by JC Harris and JCHMusic ships today so come and get it! Duke Ellington. Versioning. Dignity!

I Still Like It

Epic ships 01/25/16. Uncle Ciaràn ate the same lunch every day for ten years. And liked it. How mixing is like that. Repetition can be good. And bad. Elvis. Hound Dog vs. Holst.

Roger CortonSo you’re done with Epic?

JCHYep. Unfortunately, I have to wait until after the holidays to get it mastered, but then it’s off to the manufacturer. So DV, the CDs should be shipping the third week of January.

RCCongratulations! I’m sure you’re relieved.

JCHI am, for several reasons. First off, I’m so sick of listening to the same songs over and over and over and over and…

RCLet me stop you here because I think I get the point. Silly me, I was thinking you might start on a positive note.

JCHSilly you. But as much as I like these pieces,

RCWait, you still like these pieces (laughs)?

JCHAbsolutely. I always tell people: I make the music, I wanted to hear, […]

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