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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


The Christmas Marketing Contest

Merry Christmas! Why aren’t there more JC’s in the world! Why the disconnect between ‘Prog’? A marketing contest. With prizes! SnapChop! Tool. Periphery. Transatlantic. Butch Cassidy.

Roger CortonThe comments we got on our last Chat were mostly, “Are you guys fighting?”

JCHYears ago, when my ex and I were scouting locations for our wedding, we met with an old couple who had an old farmhouse they rented out for such events. They were talking about some memory and then they started having the most pleasant disagreement about whatever. And the old man said, “Dear, are we arguing?” And the woman said something like, “Well, I suppose we are. It doesn’t matter, Dear.” And then they both laughed and we moved onto some other topic. It took me a loooong time to realise that they really were arguing! That was their ‘argument’.

RCWhy did that stick with you?

maybe it’s just narcissism, but I am plainly fascinated by the disconnect in tastes between what I do and the current state of ‘Prog'

JCHBecause that’s not an ‘argument’! It’s like in Crocodile Dundee where the mugger threatens Dundee and his gal and he responds with “That’s not a knife. THIS is a knife!” (laughs). I mean, my idea of an ‘argument’ involves flying plates and complaints from the neighbours! That was actually one of the most memorable features of my entire marriage. To be able to argue so gently? WOW! Now that’s love, dude.

RCAmen. So you’re comparing last week to that old couple?

JCHRight! I don’t think we were ‘arguing’, but if we were? It’s still all good. Right?

RCRight. Nothing but love, buddy. So. Moving on. We’ve been doing Dream Theater to death recently, but you wanted to address the apparent disconnect between the music most of your fanbase listens to and what you do, right?

JCHYes. I don’t know how exactly to do this, but I am so curious about this from a ‘marketing’ standpoint. I actually wrote this question down in the form of a survey:

  2. Don’t think. First thought that comes into your head: Who are your top three Progressive Rock bands that are active (ie. still in business)? They have to be groups that have generated at least some new material in the past couple of years, not just occasionally touring with old stuff. For example, bands like ELP do not qualify and probably Yes doesn’t either.
  3. Please list the three Progressive Rock albums you purchased on-line or concerts you attended. ie. anything you actually paid money for.
  4. In twenty five words (or more, if you’re me), define Progressive Rock.
  5. Please e-mail your answers here along with an address and phone number. I’ll be frank and tell you that preference for the ‘winning answer’ will be given to people who are registered on this here site so if you haven’t already done so, now would be a great time to sign up.

RCAnd you should mention that there are prizes!

JCHRight you are, Rog! Everyone entry will get something. Definitely, everyone who attends the upcoming tour will get an extra something for sure.

RCBut wait there’s more!

JCHLook, this ain’t a Snap Chop commercial, dude. But yes. I think there are some free tickets to a show for the best answer.

RCIs it giving away too much to discuss the ‘why’ of this?

JCHWell first of all, you’re always on me to do more (cough) marketing, right? So is there anything more ‘marketing’ than a contest with PRIZES?

RCI think not.

JCHBut second of all, maybe it’s just narcissism, but I am plainly fascinated by the disconnect in tastes between what I do and the current state of ‘Prog'. The comments we get here (and at shows) often contain references to bands that, to my ear, sound nothing like what I do. People will reference not just “Dream Theater” which I kinda get, but then also bands like “Tool” or even “Periphery”. And I’m trying to get my mind around that.

RCWhy fans (and I should say that I’m one of them) consider those bands also to be ‘Prog’?

JCHExactly. I rarely get people talking about ‘the good old days’ anymore. Very few discussions of ELP or Yes or Genesis.

RCBut you never sounded like those guys anyway, so what’s the problem? Why the curiosity?

JCHWell, I guess I expected that fans would also reference newer bands like Spock’s Beard or Transatlantic, which seem more in a direct line back to ‘the founding fathers’. But they rarely do. When most fans talk to me about “Prog” they’re talking more about “metal”. And I have a burning curiosity.


JCHWhat the fuck?

RCSorry. It’s the holidays. Too much XBox with the kids. But you left out some of the fantasy element. A lot of fans are also into those sorts of groups. Epic journeys and what not.

JCHAh. But yeah, I’m just curious as to the ‘demographics’.

RCOK, but if it is really about ‘marketing’ and not just some crazy sociology experiment, you have to have a goal. Assuming you get an appropriate sample set, what do you actually intend to do with this data? Would it actually affect your work in some way?

JCHOK, ya got me. Wouldn’t change my ‘product one jot.

RCDidn’t think so (laughs).

JCHBut I am curious. Can’t help it!

RCActually, I am too. Obviously, my tastes have changed over the years. I never thought I would like a band like Tool thirty years ago. But I love them! So let’s hope we get some good responses! Even if it has no affect on your ‘product’ it could be useful in reaching fans of those bands if we get a clearer idea as to how they connect what you do with what they do.

JCHThinking. Always thinkin’, Butch.

RCMerry Christmas, JC.

JCHAnd a Happy New Year, Rog. I promise to argue less in 2017 (laughs)!

RCAre we arguing, JC (laughs)?

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