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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet



Trying out Apple’s fully wireless AirPods

At the introduction of the new Apple Airpods, marketing chief Phil Schiller suggested his firm had been motivated by “courage”.

I’ll tell ya what takes courage. You’ll need real courage to where these things in public most of the places I congregate.

The target market seems to be either:
a) Hi-tech cross-dressers

b) Star Wars Cosplay

Apple could be somewhat forgiven if these 70’s rejects actually sounded decent, but the reviews have all highlighted sound quality which is less than the current abysmal earbuds.

My grouchiness is only because in spite of it being a mediocre yoke, Apple will still sell about 5 squillion of these Airpods at $150 a pop. Because they can. And I’m kinda sick of that disregard for market forces which seems to be so prevalent these days.

We definitely need high quality wireless headphones, but this ain’t it.

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  • Small coverUPC: 891551441122
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  • Small coverUPC: 887311373333
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