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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in ‘the states’, with this Thanksgiving deal, it’s easy to forget ‘the message’. Judging by the number of ‘air quotes’ I’ve already used, it’s easy to see why.

At least once a week I receive some sort of low-grade ‘hate mail’ (sorry, did it again). This takes one of several forms, including:
—the *wandering hearts are pathetic.
—your blog is pathetic.
—your adverts are pathetic.
—come to think of it, your entire website is pathetic.
—your playing is pathetic
—your music is pathetic.
—your face is pathetic.

Regardless of whatever people happen to find pathetic, all these posts share one defining feature: an amazing pettiness. I mean, who has time to post things like this? I won’t ever have enough time to post kudos to the people and things I enjoy, let alone grouse about the stuff I don’t. (And no, the ‘Like’ button doesn’t count. If you don’t enjoy something more than to press a button, how much can you really ‘like’ it?)

Whew. Well, at least my ranting is broad-band! 😀

And as I read through a few of these, I feel not snippy, but actually even more thankful (no quotes) than usual. As those who follow my career/life know this has been a biatch of a year, but right now I’m counting my blessings. Things are looking up.

My wish and prayer for you is not so much that your circumstances get any better (although I hope they do) but rather that you can see how good things actually are IN SPITE OF THE BOATLOAD OF CRAP DEAL YOU’RE CURRENTLY PUTTING UP WITH! IT’S A CRIME, I TELL YA!

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. If you’re reading a ‘blog’, your life is probably pretty darned rich compared with the vast majority of people drawing breath today. I know mine is.

Let’s eat!

*The little icons that flow across the pages, fyi if you click on them they play music.)

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