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positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet

positively the most intelligent progressive rock on this here planet


I Gotsta Get Me Some FBFs ASAP

…You know what I mean?

This is an update on my paltry marketing efforts.

Click Throughs

1. The adverts have changed a bit as you may have noticed. I am continuing to expend a certain amount of energy generating various ‘click-throughs’ to get a penny or two whenever y’all go to and fro over the vast InterWeb using my site links as your gateway. One way to think of these is like those product placements one sees now in every TV show and movie. But unlike those, it is very important to me that these be innocuous. The best response I could get to this news is “what are you talking about?” If you aren’t noticing anything different, then, in the immortal words of Emily Litella?

Never mind.

(BTW: For an example, if you just watched that clip, I just made me a whole 0.5¢ He shoots. He scores!)


2. I’ve re-jiggered the adverts on the blog. There’s now no way to avoid ’em. Sorry. I need the dough. Until the ratio of downloads (read: theft) to sales of my stuff reverses it’s course—and you know that’s about as likely as the Mighty Mississippi reversing her course, then, as Walter Cronkite used to say, ‘And that’s the way it is.’

Yet another 0.5¢

Facebook Friends

How much are they worth to me? According to this news story, about $3.60 each. Right now, though, you’re worth a lot less than that to me. All fifteen of ya. 😀

The problem I seem to be having is one of ‘conversion’. I can’t seem to get the dozens of people who e-mail me every day and the hundreds of people who look at the blog every week and the thousands of people on the mailing list and the tens of thousands of people who actually paid for a frickin’ record (…er, sorry, ‘album’) to ‘fan’ me on FB.

Look, I know many of you aren’t on FB and if you ain’t don’t join on my account, that’s fer sure. You know I loathe the thing. But most of you are whether you use it or not. I don’t want you to start actually using FB (perish the thought—I actively try not to!) if you’re not into it. I just want you to become my ‘fan’ so I can build a bit more marketing buzz.

What makes FB useful for someone like me is that you do have friends who are nuts about FB. Really, you do. But don’t judge them. My grandfather used to watch ‘Big Time Wrestling’ on TV—and he was a pretty normal guy in every other way! So when they look at your FB Profile from time to time (they’ll do this even if you tell them you never use FB; that’s just how these people are.) then eventually, they will notice that you’re my ‘fan’ and click on it, look at me and maybe get in touch with their inner love of Progressive Rock. He shoots. He scores! Sorry, I got Red Wings Fever this time of year.

If you like hockey? 0.5¢

In short, I’m asking y’all to give me a bit o’ marketing help by making your interest known via FB. This sort of thing, in conjunction with the advert stuff is what keeps the rain off my head and fresh music burnin’ onto your favourite CD player and now the Apple iPad!


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